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The Single Man and his Place in Mainstream Society-DCOAB

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Big Meach

Big Meach


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Hey there Tea Sippers!!  Today we are going to do this a tad bit differently; as I am still celebrating my birthday, AND this is going to be labeled as a Don't Come Out of a Bag, Wednesday, I want to focus on something that has been perplexing me for some time and that is The Plight of the Single Man in our culture.

As we all know, MEN have traditionally been raised to accept that they are the bread winners, providers, protectors, and the ones who make and enforce the rules, BUT whenever a man is in that space of having to get it together; unemployed, homeless, down and out at the moment and need some assistance, THERE ARE NO PROGRAMS AVAILABLE that will ASSIST him in getting up on his feet to care for himself; ESPECIALLY IF HE IS SINGLE with NO DEPENDENTS and GOD HELP US if we add being LGBT into the equation.

We are going to explore those things that keeps us as MEN unable to keep ourselves from slipping into darkness while needing to get our hustle on and make things better for ourselves.  Also, I have a couple of other topics to weigh in on:

  • The MAN-gagement Ring  do you think a man should wear an engagement ring as well?  Who buys it? Does he get a second ring at the wedding??
  • A Father finds his 11 year old daughter LIVING with a 30 something year old SEX PREDATOR as his sexual interest...What would YOU do if YOU were in that predicament?
  • SINGLE, OVER 35 and LIVING AT HOME..... does this create laziness in MEN or does this give street credit to his image?

Yeah, it's a MAN THANG and we are Dishing up a MAN SIZE POT of HOT TEA... so make sure you've got  MAN SIZE PORTIONS of crumpets!