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Timothy and James is who we are. Serving God is our premise. Standing on GODS word, is how we are built. Defending it, is what we will fight for. Changing the direction of individuals, groups, churches is our goal. The Centra Savannah River Area (CSRA) is where we stay. Christian Apologetics (CA) is what we do.

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Today on The CSRA Christian Apologetics Radio Show... 1.Post Election Discussion 2.Christian Names (does giving your child a bibiical name enhance the child's spiritual development?) 3.Are Pregnancies Even from Rape a gift from... more

Join Timothy and James Thursday at 5pm est as we rightfully divide the word of truth. 1) The Presidential Election Just A Few Days Away 2) What Jesus Might Say About Hurricane Sandy 3) Urgent Prayer For East coast "Do You Have... more

Sorry, Because of previous engagement we will not be airing Live today. However, we have put up an archive from Carm Radio. I believe you will enjoy this one. Matt Slick talks to David Wood on the topic of Allah, Muhammad, and... more

With this being breast cancer month, we thought that it would be an good idea to discuss it on this week show. Why do Christians even have to deal with cancer? Are you questioning God because someone in your family is dealing with... more

Churches are on every block these days. Why? If everyone supposedly teaches the same thing then why are the number of denominations so rapid? Today on CSRA-CA Radio so tune in.

Today we will be discussing R&B remade into Gospel music. What do you think about gospel artist remaking soul, r&b, and even rap songs into gospel songs? When is enough, enough? Join us today @5 est on CSRA-CA Radio Show with... more

Blaspheming God's name is a very serious sin. In fact, it is a indirect violation of the 3rd Commandment "Do not take the LORDS name in vain". However, most Christians don't even know what Blasphemy really mean. So, we will be... more

Have you ever wondered why we use phrases like "if you make one step God will make two" or "Jesus Knows my heart" etc. What do they really mean? Are they even in the bible? My motto is "If I can not support a phrase or a statement... more

Are you a Self Centered Christian? What does the bible say about being "ME CENTERED"? Join us today as we discuss this and other Christian base topics... CSRA Christian Apologetics is a non-profit, Christian ministry dedicated to the... more

1. Why Is there evil in the world? 2. Raise the child the way they should go. 3. GSN has a new game show "American Bible Challenge". Tune in today at 5pm est
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