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Why are Americans afraid to say that we are at war with ISLAM?

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There is no Religion that professes to have a God and that God tells the followers to kill all who are not believers in that Religion. That would be the meaning of a Cult and not a Religion.

We have freedom of religion in America.  Religion, get it?  Not freedom of Cult, where you believe you have the right to kill all who are not of your Cult.

Freedom of religion is written into our Constitution, and no one can change that. Cults commit acts of violence by its members and blasphemy against all true God Worshiping religions.

No Muslims around the world are standing up and stating we are not about violence and therefore we condemn the violence created by what is termed, EXTREMIST's.  The reason they are not condemning the violence is because that is part of their cult, they even fund the so called (Terrorist organizations), which is, to an intelligent person, admitting that all Muslims stand together in support of the killing of non-Muslims.

According to the Bible, Titus 3.10, a divisive person should be warned two times before separating from him. A divisive person is one holding opinions opposite those generally accepted in Religion, and a divisive person promotes dissension, or disagreement that leads to disagreement between people. In contrast to divisive cult, Religion's correct teaching is called sound, not only because it builds up in the faith, but because it protects against the corrupting influence of false teachers. Religion builds character and respect for others and never calls for those without faith to be killed.

Now having said that, the protectors of America and Americans, like me and my strong fellow patriots who are on this show, we call for (an eye for an eye). I do not stand by idle, as this weak American president is so adamantly doing. It is as though he is projecting his vile hatred for America and Americans by seemingly siding with our enemy.