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What’s your Biggest Fear? Why Are You Afraid?

  • Broadcast in Education
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What’s your Biggest Fear? Speaking, Rejection, Failure or ? Today we are going to talk about FEARS. The main reason for the show today is to give you the listener a look at the world around you.  My goal is to assist you in seeing it with more of a positive and open mind. This I will do in a number of ways.  We are all living in fear. Whether you agree or disagree with me it is my, believe that more of us are living in fear. The only question is the level or degree of fear and if it is a level that you can function within.  It is said that the fear of speaking in public as in presenting to a group ranks right of there with death. Yet I believe if someone were to place a loaded gun to the average persons head and said speak in public or die that fear would be pushed to the back. At that moment they would be a speaker.

Keep this in mind we live in a world of negative conditioning. The four big motivators are fear, greed, vanity and control.

Earl Nightingale’s legendary tape “The Strangest Secret” says, “You become what you think about.”

I do not disagree but I would like to add “Most people become what they are conditioned to believe in.”

Everyone has the ability to be a leader true or false


  • If the answer is true than were are there so few real leaders? 
  • If false are you following a leader or are you following another follower?

FEAR – False Evidence, Appearing, Real

External (outside) fears lead to internal (inside) fears.  Fear based on what happens when you fail or are close to failing.  Your reaction to internal fear determines your fate.

Here are the six typical reactions to rejection or failure: Curse it, Deny it, Avoid it, Make an excuse about it. Blame others, Quit.