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Illuminati Symbolism & Esoteric Wisdom Interview Truthiracy3

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Illuminati Symbolism & Esoteric Wisdom Interview Exclusive Truthiracy3 Christopher Lord Research Documentary. Christopher Lord created the term "Truthiracy" back in 2003 to differentiate truth from fiction.  His father and grandfather are both 32º Freemasons, Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret. He was asked to join the brotherhood, but I declined. He believes that we are all one human race, thus there should not be secret clubs and organizations, because we are all brothers & sisters. He does not belong to an religion or secret societies of any kind. With over 100 videos and in depth films on YouTube he has been a controversial figure in the YouTube movement having his account deleted on 3 seperate occassions. Topics include the Illuminati, Big Brother, Bilderberg, "Bohemian Grove", Capitalism, CBS, CFR, Chemtrails, CIA, CNN, Congress, Corporate Media, Data Mining, Drugs, Economy, Elitest, Facism, FBI, Federal Reserve, FDA, FEMA, FEMA Camp, Freedom, Geopolitics, George Bush, Global Warming, Globalist, GMOs, Gold, Government, GPS, Guns, Financial, Hitler, Illuminati, IRS, Israel, Esoteric,  Facism, Florride, Middle Class, Military Industrial Complex, 9/11 truth, Monstanto, Martial Law, Microchip, Mind Control,  Music Industry, Nano Thermodynamic, Nazi, NBC, News Media, North American Union, NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER), Obama, One World Government, Osama Bin Laden, Patriot Act, Pentagon Attack, "Police State", Population Control, Poverty, "Prison Industrial Complex", Pyramids, RFID, Right to Privacy, Rockafellers, Rothschilds, Ron Paul, Satanic, Satanism, Secret Society, Secrety Societies, Shadow Government, Sheeple in America, Skull & Bones, Social Security, Stock Market, Trilateral Commission, Truth Music, Vaccines, UN, United Nations, US, United States, World War, Zionist, Zionism and many other issuing impacting society