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One New Man Torah Study

One New Man Torah Study


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Discover the Hebrew roots of the Christian Faith through the study of the Old Testament Books of Moses, also called the Torah! Join Charles and Rose Martin as they midrash - study, investigate and interpret - the Scriptures that form the foundation of the One New Man - Jew and Gentile, one in the Messiah - in a systematic study following the traditional Jewish weekly Torah reading schedule. Charles, a Messianic Pastor for four years at Branson's largest Messianic Jewish Congregation, and Rose, the creator and presenter of Exploring Life in Heaven, have led a weekly Torah Study since 2007. Today Charles and Rose attend House of David in Fairland, Oklahoma. New Torah studies are uploaded each Friday for the current week's study and all studies are available on-demand for your convenience.

On-Demand Episodes

It is fitting that in this season of Elul, the season of repentance leading up to the High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, our Torah portion speaks about teshuva, repentance! Moses encourages the Israelities that following the... more

This week is all about blessings and curses. How do we get the blessings of God? What causes curses to come upon our lives? The fundamentals of blessings and curses - and how we get each one is the major emphasis of this... more

They say that the Bible contains the answers for everything concerning our lives and this week's study gives proof to that! We will see that the Lord cares for every living thing and even has instructions for handling birds and their babies!... more

In this week's study... People want to know about their future, and many turn to psychics - but God says no - He has provided prophets for His people. And the ultimate prophet is Yeshua - Who is King, Priest and Prophet. Having the right... more

Join Charles and Rose Martin as they study Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17 this week and discover how it applies to our lives as Believers today! Moses continues to teach the younger generation the instructions their loving Father has given them... more

Another week of enriching discoveries about the power and the love of God! Join Charles and Rose as they study the next chapters of Deuteronomy - 7:12-11:25. God's eyes are always on Israel and on His children! He is looking to bless us... more

A power packed portion this week! Entitled Ve'etchanan, it means "I Pleaded" and that is what Moses is doing - asking God if He would reconsider letting him enter the promised land. But God did not relent. Moses then shifts his purpose... more

This week we start the book of Deuteronomy - a powerful book that contains many principles we can apply to our walk as Believers as we enter and conquer our promised land in the Name of Yeshua! Victory is ours as we follow the... more

Our last study of the Book of Numbers! Our Torah portions this week take us to God outlining Moses the boundaries of the land He has given to the Israelites . You will be amazed at how large of a territory it is compared to the size of... more

The Law can take you to the promised land, but it can't take you in. Out of love and concern for the people he has led for 40 years, Moses (law) asks God for a successor. God appoints Joshua (Jesus) to take the people in. As all those who... more
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