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Why You Mad Son Radio Hosted by Cha-Boogie - with Co-hosts Nik Fatale, B-Easy, Craig G and Ms. 1 Hunnit. We discuss the week's top stories in news, politics, current events and social ills from an Urban viewpoint. WYMS Radio is tapping into part of the angst of a generation and is the place for the progressive urbanite to vent. Every Tuesday at 10pm

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The revolution of the mind continues... we have been watching the Ebola case with a curious eye for awhile now And it has caused us to reflect on the horrid and heinous history Western and European countries have with biological warfare... more

the revolution of the mind continues... National debate this season is focused on domestic violence and battered women. The silent question that no one dates to ask is "did she deserve it?" Now before you get the tampon posse after us for... more

Indiana recently passed a law holing up the American citizen's legal right to use lethal force to defend themselves against unlawful police aggression, brutality, trespass, kidnapping and a host of other transgressions. In light of the apparent... more

The revolution of the mind continues... The MadMen return to the airwaves tomorrow night to put cases on the hypocrites ... What better way to return than to debate Bruce Levenson's decision to turn himself in for a racist email he sent 2... more

the revolution of the mind continues... The MadMen are still on vacation, but the revolution conitnues. Tonight we re-broadcast our Afrophobia episode, taking a look at the fear and disrespect of the Black culture globally. Sit back relax and... more

the revolution of the mind continues.... The MadMen are on vacation, but the revolution of the mind doesn't stop. This week we revisit the classic episode on Christopher Dorner, a former police officer with the LAPD, who turned the... more

Tonight at 10pm. Let's get down to the bottom of why Jeremy Meeks is suddenly the most hated and most loved dude in America right now. Do we put a case of Jeremy for his half breed criminal shenanigans that landed him fame and maybe... more

the revolution of the mind continues... Hollywood announced that a biopic on Black singer, Aailyah would be coming to the small screen on Lifetime TV. Debate began when an actress who could who' nuff pass for white (but is... more

the revolution of the mind continues... May 17th marked a historic date in American history. 60 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that segregation within the public school system was illegal and against the founding principles (the... more
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