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WTF America

WTF, America?!!


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We talk about a variety of social and cultural issues affecting Americans and specifically Black-Americans. We add a little humor to some very serious topics as I try to wake my people up to the world we live in. Follow us at facebook.com/wtfusofa so you'll know when the show is on and the topics of discussion.

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So, I didn't do a show last week because I was too hostile and didn't want to blow up. I thought about it and decided that it would be a good idea if I did, so I am. This week I am just going to vent about what has really been making me... more

This week we are going to explore why we celebrate every made up holiday and Independence Day but our own. It is understood that Black-American history isn't taught in public schools but that doesn't excuse us from learning it on our own.... more

In June of 1999 there were many protests against the Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks because black people thought he sounded stereotypically black. The thing is, it isnt that he sounded black but that blacks heard themselves in him. I... more

I thought it funny when everyone in the media kept saying after President Obama won the election that we now live in a "POST Racial America", REALLY? It wasn't long until the Racists showed themselves and asked as if the President were a... more

This week I am going to continue with part 4 of my series of Post Racial America. I am going to take a look at the 20 year technology gap that is self imposed by the Black Community. As the world is moving faster and faster into the future... more

This week I am going to take a look at the apparent division within our race. Are there now two races of black people? One prone to violence, crime and zero education and another that is the complete opposite? We take a look at why the... more

This episode is going to focus on why we feel that fat, black, and unique is wrong in America. Everyday and every week some T.V. show or magazine tries to tell us what is attractive and who is acceptable. If you are dark skinned you are... more

This week is really open to anything that anyone wants to talk about and I mean anything. Keep in mind that it really should begin with "WTF, America so we can try and figure out the "why". I also really want to know how you feel about... more

We are going to talk about Relationships today and why we need and want them. From friends with benefits to best friends we are going to cover them all. Do we have to love just one person Why if straight people are divorcing at... more

Today we are going to discuss the issue between Black People, Black Organizations, and Homosexuals. Why do they think they have Gods power? We are going to talk about we they think they are the only ones that should... more