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There are many talks on the internet about writing, but nothing like Write Pack Radio. Write Pack Radio brings Pop Culture, Writing, and Publishing together and throws them into a crucible of humor, clarity, and passion.

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The voices in our head have gone silent. What do we do to bring our muse back? In this episode, the Write Pack explores breaking writer's block. Some say it doesn't exist. Others say it does. There are thousands (or more) books and... more

Trigger Warning: The following episode of Write Pack radio contains some content that may be of concern. While recorded weeks in advance of the events in Ferguson, MO, in our 25th episode, Write Pack Radio explores social issues... more

It is time, you tell yourself, to attend a writers' conference—or maybe a convention—or what about that expo you have heard about? But you pause. You wonder if it is worth all of the expense. You wonder if there aren't... more

In this episode we have special guest, history fiction author J.F. Ridgley. We also introduce a new member to The Write Pack: Meredith Tate Critique groups, partners and beta readers are a low stake experience that can be similar to that... more

Write Pack explores writing from fiction based on the headlines. Writing fiction from the headlines is a form of immediate writing. Is it possible to write fiction from the headlines or is this a luxury saved for the TV and Comic book media? Is it... more

The Write Pack explores the questions about violence in fiction. What is an appropriate level of violence in a story? Of course this all depends on the genre and the story, but when is it over the top? It depends on the unwritten contract... more

Please post comments about this episode on our Blog Talk Radio Page or on Facebook. Or please tweet us @writepackradio. This episode is on a topic we will return to, but we would like your feedback and opinions on this topic as a reader... more

What makes a series good? When should it end? When you write a series, you need to love your character but you can grow to hate them. Do writers continue to write a series once it grows stale because they are afraid they can't write or... more

Wherever a writer turns, they are told to blog. But does an author or an author trying to break in should blog? Should we blog just to blog? What are the dangers of blogging? If time, strength, and readership attention spans are limited,... more

Is getting the idea for a story the hardest part of writing? Not in the opinion of the Write Pack. Despite many people coming up to writers with the aged old conversation of ?I have an idea for a great [story] [book] [TV show] [movie]. If... more