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There are many talks on the internet about writing, but nothing like Write Pack Radio. Write Pack Radio brings Pop Culture, Writing, and Publishing together and throws them into a crucible of humor, clarity, and passion.

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In this episode of Write Pack Radio, the Write Pack explores the addiction: the addiction to writing, the use of addiction in stories, and how there is an idea that you can't write unless you are drunk or stoned first. Can you be addicted to... more

In this episode of Write Pack Radio, the Write Pack explores what happens when your favorite characters (or just important characters) are killed in a story—be it as the author of the novel, story, or screenplay or as a... more

If you are a fan of Write Pack Radio, learn of a challenge we have for you. Write Pack Radio explores: How do you identify and connect to your audience? Where do you start? Are you using the right social media? Are you hashtaging? Why... more

In this episode, The Write Pack is joined by a special guest, award winning mystery writer Rick Skwiot. Rick Skwiot is the award-winning author of three novels and two critically praised memoirs. He has published numerous feature... more

With the insanity of the world or writing, the constant rejection, and the pressure that comes with being a writer, Write Pack Radio explores the question: ?Why be a Writer?? Writers don't get paid sick days, paid vacation days, nor a... more

In this episode Write Pack Radio explores the elements of story. When we start off writing we go to classes, read magazines and books on how to write, and go to workshops, but what are the elements of a good story? Are characters more... more

It's the wind up and the pitch across the plate . . . or is it across the table or the query or the twitter world? In this episode, Write Pack Radio explores the scariest step in writing—pitching your work to a publisher or agent. What are the... more

Plot Fails and Forgivable Sins Write Pack Radio explores the traps and sins of story plots: Do your characters suffer from a case of the plots and barf backstory all over each other? Do your characters have an exposition couch? Did the... more

In this episode, The Write Pack explores the use of scare vs. gore. What are some of the tropes in horror and suspense? What is a slasher? What is splatter punk? What is the psychological thriller and how does it differ? What is the... more

This is a topic that may sound like it should only belong to Science Fiction, but it can apply to all genres. When we write are we writing Futurism (or past-ism for historical fiction), romanticizing the world, or is it wish fulfillment? Here is a... more