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Hey guys. We're back in the martha-fracking off season to talk about how we used to be Ig-nor-ant to lgbtqui issues. We didn't even know there was "tqui"... I didn't even know there was a "b". We're dong this episode live and we're gonna... more

The title of this show.... ummm... Well, I've done a show every day this week and then we also did this one on the fly. So the title is the curation of all that insane energy. I actually left some stuff out. Aniyah hit me up to shoot the sheight about... more

This is me Father Teresa typing this and I had a great time. I've been wanting to talk to another person about drag race for a few years now. Being able to document that conversation made it extra fun. I'm going to spend this week... more

This epispode represents where we'll be going ideologically and verbally. Also prodcution wise. When the season of Drag Race ends, this will be a general lgbt/philosophy show.

We pick right back up from the last episode. Aniyah drops the raw logical prediction at the end.

First half a long conversation...

This is the belligerance that this show would be without Aniyah Lashon keeping the sanity alive. This episode is just me Father Teresa giving my raw kind of reading my notes and kind of off the cuff review of the episode. And stay tuned... more

On today March 26th 2013 the supreme court will hear it's first case in the fight for marriage equality. Join your hosts Aniyah Layshon and Father Teresa as we discuss these cases and the possible rammifications following.

Strap for another crying jag with Rupaul's Season Of Tears!!! Seriously folks. We're tired of it. I didn't come to see Bob with the B!tch Tittz in Fight Club. I came to see shade thrown, dust kicked, books read and want to hear it... more

Roxy Andrews.... Not good enough for her mother... Not good enough to do this weeks challenge... Nobody is good enough for her respect... But can cry good enough to not get eliminated. The Library is open... On this one you'll get to... more
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