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    Trash Talk Tuseday

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    TUNE IN LIVE at 347-215-6820 as we Talk Trash, Celebrity Gossip, Recap News & Media plus more. All the News, Scandals & Tea in one night! ITS GOING TO BE A MESS.
    Each TUESDAY starting at 11:30pm EST LIVE! Host Jaisin Bridge cast, Jrock Bridge, Justin, Prada and Vengeance & Guest Panelist 

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    Internalized Homophobia: Gay Men Who Hate Gay Men.

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    There is a misconception that all gays get along, know each other, and/or have sex with each other. But, believe it or not, there are a great deal of gay men who loathe the idea of being gay. They are intimate with men but feel disgusted afterwards. This in turn creates a toxic mentality that excludes and divides communities (gay and straight). Why does that behavior exist and what can be done to shift it?
    My special guest is Author Craig Stewart.
    Tune in and be enlightened about a very controversial topic.

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    Teaching Love And Awareness of Living With HIV In The LGBT Community

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    Introducing Bruce Barry Jr  The Artist,  Activist and Humanitarian 
    Welcome to the Real LGBT LIVES , with your host  Moji Solar- Percy. On this week's episode of  The Real LGBT Lives show, our special guest is Bruce Barry Jr. Bruce Barry Jr is an up and coming vocalist, published author, entrepreneur and spiritual teacher. We will be chatting with him to learn of his mission to spread divine Love and healing.  He spends his time to teaching and spreading understanding and awareness about HIV.  He is a humanitarian, Spiritual Healer, and Social Justice advocate in African-American Gay community. Bruce identifies as Gender fluid individual of faith.
    So join the conversation this Thursday  June 16th, 2016 on The Real LGBT Lives at 7:00 PM (EST).
    Call 646-716-9165 to join us on this edition of The Real LGBT Lives.

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    Gay Massacre in Orlando

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    In this episode, Sacerdotus speaks on the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida at the Gay club Pulse. 49 people were killed and 53 were injured when deranged gunman Omar Mateen entered the club and began shooting at everyone. This attack targeted gays, Puerto Ricans and others on  'Latin Night' at the club.  
    Music & Photos are not owned by Sacerdotus.

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    Continuation of coverage of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

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    We are discussing the continuation of coverage for the Orlando shooting that has impacted LGBTQ individuals across the world today.  This is the second show channel STRICTLY for today for the Tracy Fort Show.  We are live and streaming.  Please join our chat room as well.  Note the new number ONLY FOR TODAY.  We are here for all LGBT listeners everywhere today.  We love you.  We want you to talk to us.  We are here for you!  We are concerned for everyone's well being!

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    lgbt support by lady gaga

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    tune in for support or ideas.

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    Get your Release on at Parole night!!!

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    It's parole night located at Shed Leathers located out back of the WoodShed Bar in Charlotte, NC. All money earned will be donated to R.A.I.N in Charlotte, NC. 

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    JwJ-12 Back In The Saddle Again

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    Bathroom bills, subsequent lawsuits by both the Feds and North Carolina, guidance given by the Obama Administration about public school treatment of transgender youth, other state governments losing their minds over how to mistreat we Trans folk. I'll also talk about Trans heirarchy and lots, lots more. 

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    Lets Talk About It!!! Episode 6

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    Today we will discuss ..............tune in and find out.

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    5/15/16 - The Becky Juro Show - A Seminal Moment In Trans History

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    Tonight on the show, I'll get into what Loretta Lynch said about HB2 and trans rights and why it matters, plus news, rants, music, and more. Talking your calls at 646-564-9501

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    SCUBA DIVE CUBA with Undersea Expedition's Greg Hamman

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    WOW, Scuba Diving in Cuba!  This is definitely a bucket list item. 
    Join us for this amazing opportunity to scuba dive Cuba.  Greg Hamman will tell everything we need to know about how to make this dream a reality.
    About Undersea Expeditions
    Since its founding by Chris Winkle in 1991, Undersea Expeditions has offered "gay-friendly" group adventures to the world's most exotic dive locations, as well as dive travel planning services to our community. Their mission continues today under the management of Greg Hamman, an avid diver with a background in international business and a belief that bringing more gays and lesbians into scuba diving offers our community a vacation alternative, while benefiting conservation by adding our collective voices and economic power to those who are helping to protect these amazing ecosystems.
    Looking for an out of the ordinary vacation experience? Undersea Expiditions charter whole liveaboards and book blocks of hotel rooms, and the staff consistently e-mail us asking when our group will return, since they have as much fun hosting us as we do staying with them. They travel to the best dive destinations: Cuba, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Galapagos.
    Beginners get their dive certification on many of their trips, and experienced divers appreciate the exotic ports of call and liveaboard dive opportunities. Meet new dive buddies and enjoy diving with OUR family.
    Undersea Expedition's website

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