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Whats Ur Take

Whats ur take


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An entertaining show where the only thing that matters is you! What's your opinion, stance, and positions? No fact finders here. America "What's your take?"

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Is it okay to do something bad if it is perceived to bring a greater benefit? Is it okay to kill one to save hundreds or sell drugs to feed starving family? This week on WHATS UR TAKE our panel of co-hosts look at the classic debate of... more

This week's episode we are discussing the roles of couples in a household. Who job is it wash the dishes, do the laundry and to clean? Who responsible for cooking? Who pays the bills? How are these duties assigned? Is it gender... more

Whenever one of our popular shows gets alot of fan-fair we bring out THE REMIX. This week we will be remixing the CAST AWAY debate and also the DESERTED ISLAND debate. We will be looking at scenarios from being stuck on the Island... more

Whats Ur Take looks at the challenges people face when trying to marry individuals outside of their established circles, communities, and religions. What are the potential positives and negatives of marrying OUTSIDE THE BOX.... more

Your in a loving relationship, you leave on a journey and something happens to you. You are presumed dead. Your loved one remarries and you return home, alive and well. What do you do? How do your handle the situation? Do you try... more

In this weeks episode we discuss the "What if your stuck on a deserted Island" scenarios. You know, your stuck with the fattest, ugliest and last man on earth; would you then have a relationship with him/her. In our second segment, we will... more

The highly anticipated remix of the Cliff Hanger episode. Lives are hanging in the balance and you have a choice to make. Who would you choose to save? We bring up some new scenarios.

Walk with us down memory lane as we talk about embarrassing moments and nostalgic subjects from the past like cassette tapes, clothing styles, and parenting. Part 1. Tell us your most embarrassing moments. Tell us about those... more

Have you ever watched a sporting event and thought, maybe even yelled out ?they're cheating?. This week's episode we talk about some of the sporting events we thought something was wrong with, as well as more historical events that... more

This week's show starts with A battle of the sexes appetizer! Who's the better liar, Men or Women? Then, we will delve into a philosophical discussion about a rapid terminal illness and certainty of your significant other remarrying. Will you,... more