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My show is about the inner workings of the strip club in detail, from my perspective.

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Life is always about change and how you transition with those changes. From youth to adulthood many time our lives become defined by our abilities to adjust to change. When you have been in ertain industries for emplyment how... more

On tonight's show we deal with why some men feel as though they are entitled to sex and time. Many of todays relationship issues stem from some not respecting another's time. Some feel as though time and sex are really not special... more

A lot of people will tell folks to just get a job, but will just getting a job be enough in this day and time. Many work a job for years to only realize that usually a day comes that the job is no longer there and they are right back to ground zero.... more

Toniight on the show we review one of Atl's newest adultNightspots ClubSilhouettes at 1905 Piedmont Rd. Silhouettes is Atlant'a's newest version of Atlanta's adult nightlife. Willona tonight will gie you the head up on what... more

Tonights show will be a review fo all the Atlanta Stripclubs. From the Cheetah to Magic City. From The Oasis to Strokers. Tonight we'll give you a quick overview of the clubs and the girls and what you will get when you visit these... more

Men really love women (it don't matter if they're dancers). Its funny how some men pursue these ladies and have kids but then as they break up, suddenly the women morals come into question and question about whether they can be... more

Tonight we deal with the world of people who trick in the stripclub and their motives. Who really have the power, the girls ot the men? Why do people even trick and is it harmful or harmless. Why is Atlanta such a prime city for the sex... more

The dance world becomes it own culture. As in any job you have to spend a lot of time with different people and as in any unit, loyaties and non loyaties develope. Especially in a that fast money is being made, sometime it can create a fertile... more

Dancng more than about visual. Its about your ability to make someone comfortable enough that they have no problem going in their pocket and paying you. Oh yes there are customers who see fine and mess up bread, but the long... more

There are so many girls all over the world who fantasize about their quest for a better way of life. They dream of the day they can leave home and start their journey in search of more money, better opportunities, and a way out. There are... more