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My show is about the inner workings of the strip club in detail, from my perspective.

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Tonight Willona deals with a topic that many think is rare but in today's society many women face this. FRIEND Mode. Willona deals with how got there and why you are staying there. call in tobight at 11PM (718) 664-9885 #LetsTalkAboutI

Tonight we ask parents "Are you aware of what you're child is posting online/" Many parents today have the slightest idea of their childs posting habits. Tonight we discuss this topic but we wanna know if the parents even know what their... more

Relatinships are funny and why someone's atracted to someone usually has a variety of factors. Tonight we explore whether couple understand what pleases their mate (or really care). Are we just emotional animals that sexually are only... more

Something is going on in the ATL. Very fine (not just fine) are on a site called backpage looking to hookup with people who are lonely. What's shocking about this is the level of attractiveness that the girls are and the ease in which... more

You know really we all aren't created equal. No matter how some in society try to reenginneer social benchmarks, at the end of the day some are going to do better than others. Tonght we delve into the topic of achievement vs sustaining. How... more

Life is always about change and how you transition with those changes. From youth to adulthood many time our lives become defined by our abilities to adjust to change. When you have been in ertain industries for emplyment how... more