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We Like Sports

We Like Sports


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This Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, Tony, Nobel Peace Prize, Olympic, Heisman, Stanley Cup, award winning radio show (as well as the winners of the Best Handle Bar Mustache in the OKC Metro Contest), shows the depth and intelligence required to really understand the meaning of sports. This is the most popular radio show in the world, and with good reason. We. Like. Sports. THE MOON RULES!

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Today we talk about how awesome the Nazi Party was, and why we should give in to ISIS ideals.

We're gonna discuss the issue of ISIS and the potential war that may outbreak... HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! No we're not... we're gonna talk about freaking sports... idiots.

Sports. Suck it.

We're talking about sports, if you didn't know that. Kill yourself.

Tonight we're gonna talk about sports... If that shocks you kill yourself.

read the title

Tonight we'll be discussing Lacross, Preimere League Soccer, and the WNBA. Lol, jk, we're gonna talk about sports.

If you couldnt tell by the title, we're gonna talk about Llamas for 30 minutes.

Tonight we'll be talking about the great soccer that's been played over seas. What to watch in next years Lacross season, as well as the chances of Water Polo making a comeback.

Today we'll be talking about Obama's recent decrease in approval rating, the recent earthquake in California, as well as new studys in the devolopement of the cure for cancer. Haha, I'm screwing with ya, we're gonna talk about sports.