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Welcome to Earth-2

Welcome to Earth-2


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Each week, Ryan will interview the super-powered beings living on Earth-2 as he tries to find his way home in this improvised narrative comedy series.

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Ryan, being stuck on Earth-2 for six weeks now, is feeling a little down but then again, maybe he made it with a hologram! Tune in to find out. Will Ryan put his foot in his mouth yet again? Will Ryan ever check out his new room? Would... more

After a month on Earth-2 Ryan finally sees Prisma in her official superhero super suit. Along the way, he meets the man behind superhero fashion who will help put together a super suit just for Ryan while he's on Earth-2. Will Ryan put his foot... more

Episode 4 of Ryan's extended stay in the multiverse, and he and his co-hosts have a surprise lunch with a Mole-man running for political office. They take a deep dive into race relations between mole-people and surface dwellers, and... more

Episode 3 of Ryan's vacation to an alternate reality, and he is trying to make friends. Not only that, but he interviews the very first fan of the show, who happens to be a wanna-be superhero with a mechanical exosuit. You may be... more

Episode 2 of Ryan's unsupervised trip to a different Earth, in which he tries to prove the multiverse theory is, in fact, fact. He does this by, stick with me here, recording a podcast and interviewing a lady from HR. He is lucky that he is... more

Holy rip in space-time, Batman! Ryan has fallen into another dimension while mindlessly looking at his cell phone and not paying attention to where he was going. Now he finds himself trapped in a world where superheroes are real... more