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Comedians, Nikki Glaser and Phil Hanley do their best each week to help themselves and the occasional caller make sense of relationships, sex, and romance. Neither of them know what the hell they're talking about, but through candid conversations and help from guests, they have as much fun as possible trying to figure it all out. Call in with your questions at 347-467-1240

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A discourse on Taylor Swift, Jenny Lewis, Smashmouth, and Gone Girl. Phil updates us on Mellow. Anya delves into the trope of the Cool Girl. Nikki dreams of being in a music video and shares another spot-on impression. Then they take... more

Anya gets a disturbing email from her dad, Nikki, Phil and producer Jon discuss having kids vs opting out. Anya's health scare. A Katherine Hepburn impression face-off. How Nikki would perform a vasectomy. The closest Anya ever got to... more

A discourse on taylor swift, jenny lewis, smashmouth, the trope of the cool girl, and the movie Gone Girl. Phil updates us on Mellow, respects how Nikki orders dinner. Nikki dreams of being in a music video, shares another spot-on... more

Nikki and Phil induct Anya as co-host. Phil wants female input: Would women rather go out with someone decisive or...Canadian? Nikki says Anya wants to be shoved up against a gluten-free wall, disses on Canada, and theorizes about... more

Palpable sexual chem all over this ep! Phil flips out under the guise of chivalry. Nikki tackles fan mail and divulges her technique for the perfect nude selfie. Childhood masturbation stories. The root of sexual proclivities. Dry humping.... more

Nikki, Phil and Anya discuss the pronunciation of "compass" and immediately dive headfirst into such hot topics as Ray Rice, leaked celebrity nudes, Nikki's blossoming relationship with her therapist, broken genitalia, and the side effects... more

Nikki and Phil join comedian / writer Jacqueline Novak in a spirited discussion on depression, A.D.D., medication, the creative process, and stand up comedy in reference to depression. Follow Jacqueline on twitter at @jacquelinenovak +... more

This week, Nikki, Phil, and guest Anya Marina prove they know nothing about a lot! Topics include: small talk; introverts; how to win friends and influence people; what to say at parties; what to say in bed; dyslexic sexting; Iceberg Slim;... more

Perhaps the most riveting ep of WKN begins with a fake-out: Nikki, Phil, and Anya a brief discourse on sleep deprivation and bedbugs. Things heat up with talk of celebrities and sex. Topics include: Jason Segel's eyes, DebĂ­ Moore,... more

Nikki, Anya, and Phil cover electrical magnetism, Nikki's favorite new device, and the commonalities between stand-up comedy and sex. Nikki and Phil have a heated debate about STDs and prostitutes, and Nikki reveals her celebrity... more