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Comedians, Nikki Glaser and Phil Hanley do their best each week to help themselves and the occasional caller make sense of relationships, sex, and romance. Neither of them know what the hell they're talking about, but through candid conversations and help from guests, they have as much fun as possible trying to figure it all out. Call in with your questions at 347-467-1240

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Sam Morril & Nikki Glaser join Anya for a spirited discussion on everything from getting suicidal in Canada to Sam's journey into becoming a Big Brother. Topics include: how Nikki relates to sea lions, "Still Alice" as a verb, similarities... more

Phil and Anya are joined by the lovely, candid and forthcoming comedy person and inspiration behind Amy Schumer's "porn from a woman's point of view" sketch, Keren Margolis. Topics include: what makes great sex great, open... more

Strong bro-MANCE vibes belied by aggression start this episode with guest comic / future Big Brother / attendant to Phil Hanley, Sam Morril. Anya explains true friendship and how to foster intimacy. Phil shares big news, Sam gets out of jury... more

Anya and Phil are joined by comedian and frontman of the "2nd biggest Weezer tribute band in Brooklyn" (The Undone Sweaters), Jim Tews. Topics: Rivers Cuomo, song formulas, the time Phil went on a vipassana retreat in New... more

On her last official appearance as host of We Know Nothing, Nikki Glaser tells us about her pilot, "Not Safe For Work," her typical hectic work day schedule, and why Michelle Williams threw Nikki shade on The View. Anya angles for an... more

Nikki, Anya and producer Jon start light--why Nikki never does crowdwork, the time an aura-reader told her it was ok to use the C-word--then get right into the dark and the sad: Nikki's dearly departed dog, childhood hermit crab... more

Comedy power couple Joe List and Sarah Tollemache join Phil and Anya for a discussion on dating someone in your field, sobriety (or lack thereof), how Joe may have unwittingly 'Secreted' Sarah, the reason 90% of all arguments... more

monogamous monologist & author Liz Warner covers Ditched by Dr Right, Canadians, the "Protestant blood clot that is northern Philadelphia," NYC vs LA, and kissing "a girl in Spanish Harlem in an evening dress." Liz accuses Anya... more

Anya and Phil are Glaze-less but joined by the candid and hilarious Jamie Parks and Anthony DeVito. Nikki Glaser sends an update of her NSFW goings-on in LA. Topics include: Tinder relationships, swiping someone off their feet, getting... more

Anya and Phil valiantly try to keep up with the lightning-quick mind of this week's guest, comedian Dave Attell. Topics: Anya watches Dave's special with her dad; dyslexia's cool period; Anya's hippie upbringing, the SF comedy scene, political... more