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Episode XX: Hosts: Rev. N. Dunlap, Jr. and Rev. Warren Feaster and Adia Sanders Please "LIKE" us and join the discussion on Facebook at Possessions.Resources.Finances
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As the holidays approach, what are your priorities? Is it holiday spending? Spending time with family? Giving to the unfortunate? Getting out of debt? Getting into debt? Expecting presents? Preparing for 2015? Whatever it is, how will... more

Last year we around this time we had many shows and discussion about spending and giving during the holidays. Our focus then, as it is this year is about how not only to prioritizing your spending during the holidays, but those other... more

PART 3: OUR FOCAL QUESTION TONIGHT IS --- Are you willing to grow AS you grow? Understanding that growth is a process, we encourage you not to forsake those things that have and will help you grow. Are you willing to... more

Join 'Kimberly Skeen of Freedom Radio with Kimberly Skeen and J.R. Dunlap of The PRF Table team up once again as they debut: Keesha Rivers, CEO of Fla'Vore Productions and showcase an awesome event this weekend called... more

PART 2: OUR FOCUS QUESTION TONIGHT IS --- What OLD thing has to be given up? Where do or can one begin? It's easy to tell someone to let something go, but how do we help people walk through it? Is it good enough to... more

Do you feel that you need a fresh start financially? Are there people around you that you KNOW need a fresh start? What OLD thing has to be given up? Where do or can one begin? Let's start tonight by takeing a practical-theological... more

Tonight we'll explore around an INTER-church perspective of giving ... but with a foundational understanding of "motive", "purpose" and "relationships". CENTRAL QUESTION: How do you measure up as a part of the body to other parts of the... more

Last week we discussed "Raising Money in the Church" and it led to many comments about giving. So tonight, let's explore around an intra- vs. inter-church perspective of giving ... but with a foundational understanding of "motive" and... more

9.11.2014: What are your questions ... what are your thoughts ... about how money is "raised' in the church? Should money for "church" matters come only from giving? Well what happens when the people do not know how to... more
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