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Progressive Talk Radio for the educated class of Detroit.

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This mornings program is designed to prepare you for Night Talk this evening. What is most important to you in 2011? Family, Government, Spirituality, Jobs, etc. Who should lead the black Agenda?

Now that 45 Detroit Public schools have been slated to be converted into charters, many are concerned that the quality of education in Detroit will greatly suffer. But is that true? What are the real advantages of converting what... more

What is education? When is one education, what is the educational process? Today we discuss how a foreign educational system was imposed on black Detroit. This system is responsible for the high illiteracy, the poor planing and... more

Reactionary thinking is the self-defeating process of avoiding a solution, by holding fast to the thinking that CAUSED the problem in the first place. Today we offer another way of thinking that will bring immediate solutions in politics,... more

Today we discuss the science of manifestation, and how that science is applied in the marital relationship.

You simply are gong to have to tune in today to understand this lecture. There is no other description that I can give here.

There is a universal secret that is so powerful it would turn the world upside down, over night, if it were known. What is this secret? Join me at 11:00 this morning and find out.

The numbers are in. If you continue to do the same thing and expect a different result, you are indeed insane. The politicians are posturing themselves and continuing in their lies; the blind social activists and preachers continue to... more

There is a methodology to why certain ones become leaders in the black communities and why others are marginalized and why other go-along-to-get-along. The FBI, CIA involvement in undermining black... more

A world is going out and another one is emerging. The gods of these two worlds are now showing what they and their subjects are made of. Which world do you belong to?