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Have you found yourself looking for the meaning of life? Have you ever wandered why historical events dont add up? Do you feel like your living in a digitally simulated matrix where everything is not what it seems? Then this is the show for you!

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This weeks will be having back on our show a very special guest William Ramsey who will be unveiling his brand new documentary. William Ramsey just released a brand new book about 911 and the Aleister Crowley connection as well, which... more

Join us as we go over a fascinating subject with our exciting guest Cosmos as he unravels the damage to our youth upon early teen sexual activity. Alot of parent tell there teenagers that sexual activity is bad and not to do it, but they... more

Join us for an even more in depth show on the occult connections of Aleister Crowley and 9/11 as our guest William Ramsey lifts the veil off the occult, and exposes the evil for what it really is.

This weeks show is a pretext for the 9 year anniversary of the luciferian occultic sacrifice of over 3000 souls known as september 11th. We will be joined by special guest William Ramsey as he breaks down his brand new book *Prophet... more

We have mentioned a Prayer Closet on nearly every show, but this show we go into great detail to help you build your very own prayer closet. If you want protection from trouble in the last days, you better have a Prayer Closet (A... more

We hear everywhere in the media, in school, and worldly historians speak of our founding fathers being christian. What an interesting view point, considering most of them were known deist. Thomas Jefferson himself stated "The greatest of... more

The book of enoch is one of the most quintessential books you could read and have contained in your personal library. Enoch which is quoted by in the bible directly in the book of jude, is also immatated by Jesus when he spoke of the... more

We are talking Chemical Trails not Contrails. You see Contrails fade away a few 100 ft from behind a aircraft, Chemical Trails go for miles long at a time, and spread out into feather edged clouds of aluminum and barium, both neurotoxins.... more

Electromagnetic Low Frequency waves are the technology of our time. Unfortunitly we live in a slave driven society and have to dig threw endless piles of information just to get the real facts. The Truth is we dont need wired electricity. Thats... more

ObamaCare "A.K.A. Barry Sataro's Marxist Socialist Communist Health Care Bill, that is at the very least unconstitutional, and immoral. The Bill was passed unconstitutionally by a unqualified kenyan born, President who's real name is... more