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The Warriors Table



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This show is geared towards building the Kingdom of God, by teaching what YESHUA(Jesus) said about the Kingdom and the powers we already posses.

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lets talk about the breakthroughs that are happening in the spirit realm that are manifesting themselves in the natural

we will discuss, if its scripturally sound to teach the paying of monitary tithing!!

lets talk about Love today and what it really is, not about feelings and emotions, but about the choice of choosing to Love and the evidence of it...

There is no doubt that there are text that our ancestors were governing themselves by, that were NOTINCLUDED in the 66 books that make up the bible as we know it, to day we talk about some of those books.....ie "the book of... more

We're going back to basics tonight and answering the question"was Jesus (Yeshua) God, or were they two different people?If Jesus was God does that mean God died on the cross?Where in the scriptures does it say that Jesus... more

Why did God allow Job to go through what he went through if he was so righteous?Why do the righteous seemingly see more adversity?

Tune in Live to the "Warriors table" talk show, where our special guest speaker Doc Marquis will be speaking on his informative DVD entitled "Americas occultic holidays"!! Doc is a well known and well respected author and has put out... more

Are you busy trying to fullfill YOUR dreams or GODS destiny?Are you allowing the spirit to lead you and guide you, or is your pursuit for happiness seeded in self indulgence? Do you know how God communicates to you?Do you know his... more

So, what is life? Literally, the defition of life is "a spiritual existence transceding a physical death". Life is a spiritual existence, Its internal, not external, which means a good life has nothing to do withhow many zeros are in your bank... more