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Revelation Revealed: Grandpa! Why Do You Hate the Jews? - Revelation 12

  • Broadcast in Christianity
Walking Thru The Word

Walking Thru The Word


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Why is there such an intense feeling of Anti-Semitism in the world? When I was a child, I use to hear my grandpa say that he hated the Jews. When he said it, he said it with such intensity. Why did my grandpa hate the Jews? Why is there a hatred for the Jewish race? When we read Revelation 12 we discover why.It shows that the hates and hurts of the Jew is actually by the prompting of the devil who hates all Jews!

Revelation 12 is filled with powerful symbolism. Remember in 1:1, “And He sent and sign-ified it.” Christ made known his revelation to the Apostle John by symbols and our responsibility is to uncover the meaning of the symbols. Understanding the symbols of Rev 12 requires we understand that we are seeing Earthly scenes from Heavens point of view! We saw in Revelation 4, John was caught up to heaven and shown all the things that follow from Rev. 4-19. When you look at Earthly events from Heaven’s perspective, time is never a factor.

The scene in Revelation 12 does not present a sequence or an ordered chronology.It presents occurrences arranged according to their meaning and importance, from a Heavenly eternal perspective.Events that may be widely separated in time may be clustered together in eternity's view. From Heavens’ perspective we are shown here what happens not when it happens. This is a chapter of Great Things.  Notice a “Great Wonder,” (12:1) “A Great Red Dragon.” (12:3) “Great Wrath.”  (12:12) and “two wings of a Great eagle.” (12:14).