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Wake Up To The New World Order

Wake Up To The New World Order


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This is a social network radio show. We are here to bring forth to everyone's attention the New World Order, the RFID chip and the world currency, the Amero. We all need to wake up and smell the roses because the New World Order is almost here.

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Tonight, I will be showing you through videos, unfortunately, you will only be able to hear them is actually the antichrist. I won't be doing much talking, but while I am playing one video for you, I will be trying to find another one for you to... more

This morning I will be talking about the difference between religion and spirituality and how one tries to control your life while the other one tries to enhance your life. Society and religious leaders try to keep us locked up in a box. It's our... more

The Highwayman and I will be talking about Planet X, also known as Planet Nibiru. The question will be brought up, "Is HARP, the weather machine, having any pull on Planet Nibiru and how much faster is it causing Planet Nibiru... more

Tonight, we are going to have a twist. What happened to justice for that angel faced Caylee Anthony who was only 2 years old? How in the world, in ANY justice system, can a cold hearted ice queen of a mother get away with murdering that... more

This Is the story of Jerome and his past with Viet Nam corresponding with how he lives today and his views on the new world order.

We will be talking about the new world order and the RIFD chip and FEMA death camps and false prophets and the lies that they tell. A lot of them are multi-millionaires and feed and live off those who foolishly follow them. There... more

Carol Carnes, author of 'The Headbanger's Ball'. Roving reporter and co-founder of a psychic press: The Edification. Most would recognize me as Carol The Bounty Hunter or The Warrior. Carol that runs The Gauntlet, but historically, I... more

We will be talking about how we must be very careful listening to the false prophets and how the RFID chip will be snuck up on us as something good, saying that it will be protection for our children, so they can go out in the parks... more

We will Be talking about the new world order, The RFID Chip The Boy and Girl scouts and The Homeland Security. And how they are trying to poison our foods.And we will be talking a bout FEMA Death camps.And More, two part show.

We will be talking about Obama's denial of his Muslim faith and then turn around and show you evidence OF his Muslim faith and talk about Obama bowing down to the Saudi king and how he broke the laws of the Constitution of the United... more
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