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    Tony Venuti - Ex-CONservative Radio Show

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    Fri, Jul 29, 2011 unfollow
    archived An Experiential Social Philosopher with commentary on all aspect of conscious life. Experience an interactive 2 hour ride through lively discussion and chat room interaction.

    Tony asks the hard questions in life and gives answers based on logic, reason and deduction. The questions that are on everyone's mind but no one is asking. He goes after those that do not come to him by making phone calls and putting those in the know on the spot. He seeks out, from the source, the information you want to know.

    Focus is on the Medias lack of civic responsibility, contemporary culture and politics; he is both informative and entertaining. Never miss a minute with the "Vitamin Pill on Legs"

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    The Path to Riches With Judith Williamson!

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    Judith A. Williamson is an international speaker, author, and Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, Indiana since 2000.  Her works include:
    How to Become a Mental Millionaire
    Poems to Inspire You to Think and Grow Rich
    Timeless Thoughts for Today
    Fifty-Two Lessons for Life
    Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind
    Napoleon Hill’s Magic Seeds for Success
    Napoleon Hill’s Daily Journal for Everyday Women
    Napoleon Hill’s Daily Inspiration for Everyday Women
    Napoleon Hill:  Good as Gold
    The Path to Riches
    Power Millionaire
    She has written articles for Pure Inspiration and Personal Development magazines, and is author of the weekly electronic ezine Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today that has nearly 50,000 subscribers.  January 2011 begins the 5th consecutive year of this publication.  She authors the yearly calendar published by the Foundation as well.    
    Judy is a Purdue graduate and has been a presenter at the American Society for Quality World Conferences in Seattle, Minneapolis, and also Qualcom, a division of ASQ, in Brisbane, Australia.  Currently, she is working on disseminating Dr. Napoleon Hill’s materials worldwide through her writings, workshops, and seminars.  Her next books to be published this fall are Power Millionaire and Ready, Set, Go!

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    Gospel of Hockey talks amateur hockey with Chris Peters

    in Sports

    Chris Peters, editor/writer of the United States of Hockey blog (unitedstatesofhockey.com) joins Gospel of Hockey co-hosts Matt Gajtka and Larry Snyder for a lively amateur hockey discussion. With top-level talents abandoning their college commitments in favor of major-junior hockey, what can the NCAA do to fight back? What is the better option for a young player: college or the CHL? Is it all dependent on the individual or does one side have the advantage? All these questions will be answered, and the recent U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame class will be dissected in addition to the rise of American coaching talents in the pro ranks.

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    Ask Dr. Rhonda - Lloyd Williams, Ph.D -Why we self destruct?

    in Entrepreneur

    We see politicians & sports figures ruining a lifetime of preparation with stupid personal behaviors. Think Kobe, Tiger, now Weiner. WHY? Plenty of us regular folks do the same bad things. We just don't have paparazzi following us. Can our careers & businesses be saved from the same pitfalls?
    Our guest for this program will be Dr. Lloyd C. Williams, CEO ITTL- Institute for Transformative Thought and Learning is an expert in Organization Psychology and is a practicing Clinical Psychologist. He is also an international lecturer in several countries outside of the USA.

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    Pittsburgh Steelers DE, Cam Heyward on All Access Football

    in Sports

    The Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line starters are approaching the ends of their careers with starters Aaron Smith, Casey Hampton and Brett Keisel combing for 31 years of NFL experience. 
    In April the Steelers addressed the aging line with ex-Ohio State Buckeye Cam Heyward with the 31st pick of the 2011 NFL Draft.
    The NFL Draft Bible caught up with Heyward at St. Vincent College home of the Steelers training camp to get some insight on how life is going as a NFL rookie. This episode of All Access Football hosted by Bo Marchionte.
    Follow on Twitter @NFLDRAFTBIBLE @bomarchionte 

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    This is not another book about what we’re doing wrong in education and why and how to fix it. Jason Goetz is a voracious reader who gives us a historical and world view on what has been considered the roles of education.
    Unfortunately, the people who need to read this don't read. They are so busy filling out papers and defending their beliefs and actions they are emotionally exhausted. They do not admit that what they believe and are doing is more harmful than helpful. Ditto to politicians, government workers, and private individuals whose “Me first, me only” attitude and behavior is a main cause of the present moral decline. The result - political, ecological, and financial crises.From elementary through graduate school he gives specific instances of the self-protective stance many educators and professors take and what they are willing to do those who challenge their authority.Examples of teachers and professors too insecure and dishonest to admit that a student could possibly know than they so punished him by giving him a much lower grade than the one he had earned. When his appeal was rejected he went to each higher level. Self-protection meant no justice. No surprise the injustice results when the insecure are challenged.His explanations of morality and virtues are excellent and should be posted in place of all photos of those hypocrites who profess them publicly, but lie, cheat, and pervert their office or role. People should at least read those chapters.

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    ~READINGS~ on The Paul Edward Montador Show

    in Paranormal

    Paul is gracing our show each Thursday and I for one am honored... come get a reading from one that thinks with his heart...
    He is a Professional Psychic with wide ranging abilities:
    Empathic, ClairVoyant, ClairSentient , ClairAudient, Aura Reader (6 colours), Intuitive, Healer, Read Tarot and other Card Systems.

    He tries to help others to Develop their own Abilities as well!!

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    in Self Help

    Are you in sync with your mind - body & soul? What are you missing mentally, physically, spiritually & even financially? You know something is not quite right or missing, and you can't put your finger on it. Well, Spirit is guiding me to have talks with you..... not readings... but talks with you to assist you on your journey. So, I encourage you to meet Spirit & myself half way & assume your part in living your life & being all that you want to be. The choice s always yours to accept or embrace. And sitting back listening to others talk is not going to get it, because their issues are not your issues. So, it's time for you to step up to the bat...... you may miss a couple of swings.... but if you hang in there and keep practicing ...... you know what could happen. So join me & let's talk and see what happens. This is a step by step progress... not something that is going to change your life overnight, but it will help you to see & even know what you need right now.

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    Walmart/P&G Initiative - Family Movie Night & Monica McGrew

    in Family

    Moms4FamilyTV is a national group of moms who support and encourage companies that create entertainment options that families can enjoy together. The group works with partner organizations to help spread the word and expand the efforts of these companies. For more information or to learn how you can get involved, please visit www.Moms4FamilyTV.com
    Walmart and Procter & Gamble have partnered together to produce a series of original family movies. These films are designed to appeal to all family members and create meaningful viewing events that bring families together. Field of Vision is the sixth movie in the Family Movie Night series. Other Family Movie Night titles are available on DVD at Walmart.

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    "Can The Bedroom Be Defiled? (Sexual Acts)"

    in Christianity

    "Preparing the Single, Preserving the Married, & Persevering in Relationships"
    Join me and the "Relationship Pastor",  Rev. Efrem J. Windom as we discuss all aspects of "Relationships"! He is Senior Pastor at Love Temple Church. He released his self-published book entitled “Relationship Gems for Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships” in 2009. He is the founder and CEO of Efrem J. Windom Counseling Services. 

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    Healing Vibrations with Mu Shemsu-t

    in Friends

    Are you ready to release the patterns, blocks and beliefs that keep you from living the life that you love? Have you reached a point in your living that you realize you were born to do something magnificent and now its time to do?  Are you harboring pain, regrets and memories that trap you inside of a miserable lifestyle?
    Join us as we work through each of these issues and perform processes that allow you to transform your life while you listen.
    Mu Shemsu-t (Rita Stewart), is a Transformationalist, Executive Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Mother, Grand Mother, Poet, Singer, Published Author and Motivational Speaker.  Her journey on this path began when she was 5 years of age and her mother was placed in a mental institution.  
    Mu Shemsu-t, devoted to healing her mother, began studying how the brain functions at the young age of 8 years.  Other areas of expertise include, metaphysics, nutritional healing, energy healing, meditation, youth leadership, relationship healing and spiritual atonement.
    You are invited to join us in the session with your specific questions and concerns for immediate release.  The only criteria is that you come with the intention to heal.
    Love and Light!

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    Soulmate Healing "Deal Breakers"

    in Spirituality

    Change your life....discover the power given to youi by your God, your Divine Spirit.  Learn to heal yourself and claim your birthright of excellent health, prosperity, love, beauty, and much more!
    Join Rev. Mary Margaret for an hour of information and prayer..call with your questions.   Prayer healing facilitation, and spiritual messages are available for you!