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    Francine Humphrey your host is the Director/CEO of Issues Concerning Women. Francine chats about real issues women are facing today. With a love to inspire, empower, mentor, and encourage, this forum will cover a multitude of topics. Our goal is to penetrate the thought process and transcribe the spirit side of certain issues. ICW focus on women reaching their long-term and short-term goals of homeownership, finance, business and life skills. ICW provides advocacy and services to ifuse, to stabilize households, and foster a sense of community involvement, self-worth and self-determination. Our mission is to create economic independence for all women by providing a voice for those that would otherwise not be heard. Issues Concerning Women was developed to empower all women to take charge of their lives, to become educated and savvy about all aspects of living. Francine Humphrey is a minister, author, motivational speaker, book-reviewer,wife and mother. To be a guest on the show or for more information about ICW e-mail:cinedesign@aol.com or call (757) 567- 6734. We look forward to hearing from you. Peace and Blessings Your Business Agent for Change

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    The United States Gone Bankrupt***on it's Morel Standards

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    With the Scandals on  Anthony Weiner and John Edwards, and so many others in sports actors etc. and things that hit the media. has America lost all of her Morel standing or is this just signs of the time.
    Our Guest will be Pastor Pete Swort of Christian life Center, in Stockton, CA 
    Call in and tell us what you think is going on and were will the U.S. be in the end? Our call-in number is 760-890-7157

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    This program is a fifteen minute promotion and introduction of courses being offered by members of the Order of the Friends of Jeshua, a contemporary, mystical, inclusive, and trans-denominational order in the Free Apostolic Communion. OFJ stresses an "A", "B", "C" approach to deepening your awareness of the divine. "A", for "Awareness" (Going with), "B", for "Beingness" (living from the inside out), and "C" for "Consciousness" (our ever-expanding nature). Upcoming courses and programs are, "Demystifying Enlightenment & God Consciousness" to be facilitated by Bishop Lee Allen Petersen, an audio series called "Silencing a Thousand Barking Dogs": Transcending The Insanity of Thought, The Next Stage in the Evolution of Consciousness, which will be hosted by Fr. Bryan Rice, and an Aramaic Studies program that will help you explore the language that Jeshua (Jesus) spoke, in light of biblical translations using the Aramaic tongue. This course will be facilitated by Rev. Dr. Linda Marie Nelson and is inspired by the work of George Lamsa and Dr. Rocco Errico. In addition to these programs, OFJ will continue to hold monthly Skype Conference Calls that will be a medium for ongoing study in "The Way of Mastery", a work that encourages you to embody the Christ teachings of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Inclusiveness, and Heart-based spirituality. Information on how to enroll in the courses is shared in this promotional show. Also, you can visit the website of Order of the Friends of Jeshua, www.ofjcommunity.org.

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    RELATIONships with Pastor Rick

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    Tonight's Topic: Intimacy & Conflict.  Marriage states of Mind! 
    Pastor Rick Greene talks in detail about Dating, Love, Marriage, Sex, and Divorce so that you can have the optimum relationship which God intended you to have. How to build up and not tear down. How to strengthen and not destroy. How to have great a Relationship with the man or woman in your life. Call 646-652-2581 and sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation or join in!

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    THE REALNUWS NOW, is hosted by Duane and Linda, with their Real Experiences of the world today. From this little planet earth, which is a 'place in Life,' to the unbelievable 'Real Universes,' beyond The Gods of Man and The PsycRealms, Duane and Linda, will be sharing rare hidden knowledge, and their RealSide Journeys with, Rebazar Tarzs, Paul Twitchell and The RealGuides.
    Our RealFocus, is the essential news about present day events, and to go far beyond all the 'implied freedoms,' which have been conditioned into the masses. This is a Real Opportunity to Become MoreAware.
    RealFreedom is The Key to Secret Worlds. There are dimensions and levels of awareness, unseen from the personal senses, that most people know nothing about. Duane and Linda are constantly exploring ALL The Levels, and going directly to The Universal Files.
    For more information and a Free Book: Website:  www.DuaneTheGreatWriter.Info

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    Coach Lilisa

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    The Coach Lilisa Show is brought to you by Performance Strategies Unlimited, Inc. A leadership training, personal development, communications and life coaching company. The show can be heard every weekday @7am(est) on BTR www.blogtalkradio.com/coachlilisa. Tune in for empowering, motivating and inspiring talk radio. Lilisa and her guest share tips, tools, strategies and systems for you to achieve Success. Dial in and change your life today! 347-945-7991.

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    Let's Talk

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    Let's Talk Youth

    From Anger to Acction 

    1. This situation isn't working for me

    2. I need to take a different coarse of Action

    3. I need to change something in my life

    We can use this forum to help support and teach

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    What I've Learned

    in Health

    crack cocaine recovery 

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    Self hosting and affiliate marketing

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    If you are serious about affiiate marketing, you will need to be self-hosted.
    When you do your research, you will see that there are a ton of self-hosting companies.
    I talk about two of tham here:
    Personally, I use Hostgator for my hosting needs, and am a lover of their affiliate program...
    Until I saw ThinkHost...
    Now I have to rethink who I love-lol!
    Can we love both?
    I think so!
    Listen in as I give some of my thoughts on these two companies!

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    The Other Side Of The Game...Epi. 1

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    We've all heard the proclaimations from others that they know exactly who they are, what they are, and why they are. They're not afraid of anything, anyone, nor are they dysconfident with anything in their sphere of life. 
    The reality of such claims is always bullshit.
    The reason why it is always bullshit is because we all have masks. We all put on a character in the form of entertainment, depending on what situation we're dealing with.i,e. You don't bring your Saturday Night Party Hearty mask to work on Monday to meet your boss, and if you do. It is very well because you know you're boss on Saturday Nights and you can get away with the behavior. In the most general terms, we learn to keep taboo, distasteful traits of ourselves out of view from people that we need to impress, or that we percieve we must maintain a particular status with.
    We wouldn't need to do this if we weren't always walking around making proclamations about our lack of insecurities--- knowing damn well what we think when other people do this in front of us, and it's blatently obvious that they are SHOW boating for the glory and don't realize this attempt is pitiful.
    Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit
    Scott Stphen Trio - 88keys
    Tapestry beat @ the end, i believe is by Dilla. I'll find out for sure.

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    "Committed Christian, Carnal Christian" Roms 8

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    Defining the difference of a carnal Christian and a committed  Christian

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