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Modern Day Spiritual Journey welcomes Laren Loveless

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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At an early age Laren Loveless noticed he could pick up on a transcendental wave length and could hear choral or angelic waves of voices and lyrical chants when he was anyplace of stillness.  At first the voices kept him awake and affected his sleep patterns. He eventually figured out how to use the messages he was receiving to help others and how to express them to help others.  He found himself playing music at 18 years old and eventually started to pick up on the study of musical therapy, producing a musical experience for different ailments to help treat others who suffered from traumas, helping with the creative and healing process of music.  He found it had a profound healing effect on those with dementia and hearing loss.   He also worked on instrumentation to be shared and played at cancer treatment centers.  At 24-25 he had his first brush with death and a lung collapse, which enabled him to tap into the subconscious dream state of music and spiritual enlightenment.  For years he tried to shut out the voices as he did not want the gifts he had received, but eventually realized they were truly gifts and started listening to his inner voice from deep within to slow down and listen to his heart. Then at work, he had a near death experience where he had an opportunity to cross over and come back. This experience gave him the insight to know  who he truly was and why he was here and he understood what he should be doing with his gifts, that we truly achieve greatness through love and listening to the voice and gifts that we all inside of us. His music is a way to open the door for all of us. 

Host Rhonda Brackett teaches the principles of the Law of Attraction. The subconscious mind is always working to create what we allow into our life through our conscious mind. The law is always there, whether you realize it or not.  Contact Rhonda at(314) 596-2356 for more information.