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Tonight, 04/15/2015, marks the end of the NBA Season for several teams but the begining of championship hopes for 16 teams. Tonight we will review the NBA season and discuss questions such as: - Will the number one seeds in each... more

Is sportsmanship overrated? Can Andrew Harrison's comment be considered racist? Do you think that sportsmanship is only for a certain age bracket/group? Do you think that teaching sportsmanship, at a younger age, will become... more

The definition of Judgment is "to come to a sensible conclusion". The key word is sensible! For some reason, every man that is attracted to a woman is a chauvanist and every wrestling fan is silly and immature. Don't know about you... more

Seriously, LeBron is getting old (in athlete years). It is time to find the league next golden child/children. Could one of those athletes reside in Atlanta? Probably not because we know that everybody HATES Atlanta sports. In view of the... more

Sports is often viewed from the past and present perspectives. We debate past histories and present records on a constant basis. However, when the FUTURE perspective is addressed, we often disagree about what is the unknown. With... more

In todays show we will discuss the fallout from the viral SAE video and Jimbo Fisher's defense of Jameis Winston. We will address questions such as: 1. One recruit has decided to de-commit from the University of Oklahoma. Do you think... more

Despite all of the talent in the world, we seem to care about the numbers behind sports more than the players that create them. In tonights show, we will address the following: How does non-guaranteed contracts affect professional football... more

Join the Kings of the 7pm slot as we discuss some National Basketball Association action. With the start of the second half of the season in full swing, we are going to address the top 10 teams in each confrence with the 1st... more

1. Based on the history of an athlete, at what moment do you think a professional organization should decide to be loyal or make business decision in retaining them. 2. Imagine being a General Manager for a professional sports team... more

With the All-Star game and all of its events looming this weekend. 4 Home Field Advantage will review what has happened in the 1st half of the season. We will discuss/debate the following on tonitghts show: 1. What team will have a better... more