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Why do you think, as fans of the NBA, we always make comparison between players and teams? A lot of fans complain about the NBA getting rid of the hand checking rule and often consider the NBA soft for that reason. Do you think the... more

According to the criteria for Forbes magazine, written by Tom Van Riper, do you think Atlanta is the most miserable city in sports? Criteria: The amount of misery points awarded depends on the round of playoff elimination: cities earn the most... more

1. Does Roger Goodell play favoritism to certain teams (and players) based on the way it could effect the NFL season? 2. Do you think Roger Goodell, and the league,v alue women on a lower scale? 3. Why do you think Ben... more

Do you find Tony Dungy's comments, about Michael Sam, offensive? Will we ever view Michael Sam for only his play on the field and not for his sexual preference? Do you think Ray Rice suspension was fair or unfair? Is it fair to compare Ray... more

Do you think minority athletes, or people with "stature", believe they have a glass ceiling above them? Do you think minority athletes take the time to understand the history of their culture? What is the difference, in expectation, between... more

What year, in your opinion, did the hype around baseball start to die down? Why is baseball continuing to lose popularity? Why is the younger generation so detached from baseball? What role does social media play in the growth of the... more

1. Do you think our youth are still being taught the responsibilities for being an athlete or is money mentioned more often when referring to sports? 2. Can we really blame Jimmy Graham for trying to get more money in his contract? 3. Do... more

Why do some sports fans have a problem with superstars (or all-stars) deciding to be on the same team to better their chances of winning a championship ring? Do you think sports fans would still have a problem with teams having ?Big... more

NBA DRAFT SPECIAL! 4 Home Field Advantage will consider the drafts pressing questions LIVE! Call in with you questions or concerens! Who will the Cavs select with the #1 pick? Is it better to select the best player available or the best... more

*** OPEN DEBATE *** What is your criteria for creating a list of the greatest players of all times? Who would be in your top 10 of greatest small forwards of all time? Should eras play a role in who is the best ever? Is the NBA the only real... more