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Adrian Peterson has been suspended without pay for at least the remainder of this season. The NFL announced its highly anticipated ruling Tuesday morning, stating that the Minnesota Vikings' star running back will not be considered for... more

The definition of WINNING relates to succeeding by striving or effort or to gain victory by overcoming an adversary. In sports, it seems that winning has become too simplistic. It begs the question, "Is winning everything"? During... more

Players of the St. Louis Rams expressed their support on the Michael Brown case by adding the ?Hands Up, Don't Shoot? to their introduction. Do you think that these players disrespected the outcome of the case or expressed their right... more

ITS TIME TO HOLD SOME PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST SPORTS! 4 Home Field Advantage Court is now in session. We will address charges such as: Reality Television: Charged with murder of quality TV... more

What is your criteria for labeling a player overrated? Does the player's era make a difference when evaluating if a player is overrated? How important is a championship when judging a player's career? Is there such a thing as an... more

1. Who should we blame for athletes making bad decisions on social media? 2. Does social media proves that some athletes feel superior over the common person? 3. Do you think its possible, for a professional organization, to set rules... more

Who do you think will be the new duo in the NBA? How far will the Pacers go without Paul George? Can we finally kill the notion that Michael Jordan will make a comeback? What team in the West have the best chance at stopping... more

What sports topic (question) did you always want to ask or discuss? We are debating those topics, and even social topics, with this show! We will discuss such topics like: What team in Ohio will win a professional Championship? Bengals ,... more

Do you think it's the end of the road for the Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith era? Why do you think the offense is struggling? Do the Atlanta Falcons make the right decisions in the draft and free agency? Will the Atlanta Falcons win a... more

Who has the best backcourt in the National Basketball Association? How do you feel about the Bleacher Report's Ranking of the Best Backcourts in the NBA Entering 2014-15 Season? -... more