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Pepe and r@t

Two Boobs and A Show


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A show where we talk pop culture, jam bands, politics and whatever else is on our minds.

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Tonight on a very special 2 Boobs: Pepe will call in sick and T-Funk from Soft Talk Radio will fill in. Join the fight and call in.

What with summer upon us, why not settle down with some good ol' fashioned lemonade? The boys will be a-settin' on the porch, chawin' and gabbin'. Grab some pressed whey and enjoy. Or just drop your pants. Either way, we all win.

The boys takes time off from playing video games to take your calls and... Sorry, had to hit pause. Anyway, they'll be drinking, talking and taking calls and stuff... WOW look at that rendering!

And now we come to the part of the story where Frodo and Sam must part ways from the Fellowship and...what? That was on TNT this weekend, I thought this was the radio adaptation...No? So we didn't get Ernest Borgnine to... more

The boys reminisce about the good old days of spankings and T-funk will be in his dancing pants. There'll be booze, broads and boobs. Call in and share in the magic.

Hangovers, broken hearts, overdrawn accounts, painful urination, crying livers and mad farmers. A recap of T-Funk's bachelor party and other strange occurrences.


The boys come clean...and ride dirty...just like several politicians we know. Seriously, the boys will be drinking, farting, maybe eating something, but talking about all the stuff that you care about. Sometimes I wonder who bothers to read... more

Join the boys as they plan a night of bachelorism for their #1 fan t-funk. They will also be drinking and talking about the good old days of raping and pillaging the smurfs.