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Christopher W. Brown; "Sangodare Institute study of GAN Philosophy"

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Christopher W. Brown, founder and director of the Sàngódaré Institute for study of GAN Philosophy, is initiated into four priesthoods in the Ifá system. He was initiated as a Priest of ?àngó by the late Oluwo Afolabi A. Epega, a fifth generation Ifa priest from Ode Remo, Nigeria. Christopher was initiated as a Priest of Ifá (Babaláwo) by Chief Priest ?olade of Akure, Nigeria, Gaga Community. He also was initiated as a Priest of ?bàtálá and ??un by the late Iya Ifálabanke Adesanya of Ode Remo, Nigeria. Christopher is a member of Egbe Ifá Ogunti Ode Remo under the Araba of Ode Remo, Baba Adesanya Awoyade. we will discuss religion, mythology, mathematics and science, and how they are interconnected. Adam means reddish brown from the ground i.e. earth. or the substance we call dust. closely look into the word Atom which refers to chemistry which is the study of matter. That is why Eve came from Adam i.e. the earth which makes Eve, the woman, the first human being and not the man. When it says that Eve came from Adam it is saying that woman came from the earth (Adam) which is matter that is made up of atoms, the smallest part of elements like phosphorus, carbon, magnesium and others. Atoms of elements are combined to produce molecules that produce cells that produce life (Living organism). So Atoms are the chemical makeup of you, but it is the cells that are producing life as we know it. That is why Eve is known as the mother of all living. This is why Chemistry is known as the central science. Chemistry (Adam) gives birth to biology (Eve). It is the protons, electrons and neutrons that produce Atoms and it is compounds of the Atoms that make molecules and molecules combine to make cells and cells produce living organism