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Truf Bros. Radio is a interactive worldwide talk show where you get to tell your "TRUF", with a wide variety of topics the show stays on top of today news and events. With your Hosts Ray & Devon

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This is a Facebook post of some one who is sick of Blacks in this Country complaining. Do we ever take the time to sit in others shoes, Race is the number problem in America today. Trump is running on a platform of pure hate and it's... more

When Quarterback Colin Kaepernick refuesed to stand for the National Anthem, because he feels America isn't living up to ideas it says it stands for. People loss their minds, the man was threatened, called a traitor and everything but a... more

Back in August we kinkda were accused of blaming women for the problems in the community and family, it was also said that there's no REAL men left in the world today. We also have on our Facebook page a video of a woman giving... more

Well the Summer Movie season is almost over, and it's sure had it's fair share of up's and down's. We'll talk about blockbuster what worked, what didn't; who the Summer and who needs togo back to the drawing board. There is also big news... more

As we were broadcasting Police Officers in Baton Rouge were shot by a Gunman. We are headed down a very dark path and people like Trump are calling for war. We have lots to talk about, what do we do about people call for all out attack... more

Trigger happy Cops with a bloodlust for Blacks just took the Terror Meter up to 10! Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are the lastest victims to be served by Law Enforcement, we do these shows so much now we're just sick. So we're going... more

With the latest mass shooting in Orlando people are at their wits end. Our lawmakers push their heads deeper into the sand. We'll cover the gun issue and all that comes with the fight for common sense gun laws. www.trufbrosradio.com

What is the Terrible Truf? It's examples of how crazy, stupid and insane people can be, now we know you're not gonna believe that these stories are true. Trust us they are! We get stories from all over the world and you are going to be... more

We haven't done this since we came back on, it's a mess up world out there and people do things that you wouldn't believe. That's why we report all the terrible, outregous and crazy stories that will make you say, "This can't be real?" please... more

Why is it no matter how hard you work you're always in the hole. Take school for example, you have people graduating collage and they are 20, 30, even 50,000$ in debt. They can't charge it off in Bankruptcy and the job placement the... more
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