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The Winners of the 2013 Jordan Mikael Awards for Best New Show and Best Group, Truf Bros. Radio is a interactive worldwide talk show where you get to tell your "TRUF", with a wide variety of topics the show stays on top of today news and events. With your Hosts Ray & Devon

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You may have heard them called jezebels, mistresses, trollops, tramps, girlfriend #2, birds, rats, and side chicks. For as long as there have been unstable monogamous relationships there have been side chicks. Normally these women and in some cases men of ill-repute have been content playing their position and laying in the in the cut. With the glamorization of the side chick culture by shows like Love and Hip. As well as celebrity side chicks turned wives such as Gabrielle Union, Alicia Keys, and Angelina Jolie just to name a few. It makes one wonder when did become it become cool for young sisters to aspire to be number #2 and in some case #3,4, or even 5. One also questions why is this derogatory sub cultural practice now being closely associated with women of African American descent?
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In America there has always been this concrete distinction between the military and the police. When did the job of the police officer become the job of the solider? The job of a solider is to seek out eliminate and annihilate enemies of... more

NFL player Ray Rice has a unfortunate incident of domestic violence against his fiancee in a casino elevator. He not only loses his job but should face jail time. With the release of what happen inside the elevator The NFL is in massive... more

How many times have you heard people say, " I don't watch the news, it too depressing." Even News Junkies have a hard time watching the news these days. They ask dumb ass questions, never seem to get to the heart of the issue and... more

This is the Re-launch of Truf Bros. Radio!! Once again there is another Police Shooting, A Man is shot by Police with his hands up and Law Enforcement does what it does best! Surrounds itself around the trigger happy Cop and does... more

Media is always trying to define what the world around you is suppose be and when it comes to what is sexy one form is presented to you over and over again, White or light skinned and thin, very VERY thin. So when people of a more... more

Everybody does it, everybody thinks about it, everybody has gotten in trouble over it a time or two. What are we talking about? We're talking about sex. We all do it, most people believe they are great at it and most people are wrong. Sex... more

On this episode of Truf Bros. Radio our guest will be Erotic Fiction Author La Drama Princess. She will be discussing her books, what inspires her to write her stories, her love life, relationships, fantasy sex and love. You can bet this will be... more

QUESTION: What if you created something that could change the way law enforcement worked with one another? What would something like that be worth to your competitors? What if they had you put in Jail behind it? Well meet... more

A replay of the events around the Sireian Revolution.

It nevers ends, another fathers day past and good'ol Dad got as little love as possible on Facebook. There were more post about DEAD BEATS than there was about giving love to the man who provied for you. There is more to being... more
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