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Welcome to my Jewniverse! Motivational in nature. Dynamic living and dynamic business practices. Comedy, politics, Jewish perspective, keepin it live and all that jive! THE True Jew Radio! Coming soon- Jews Clues game show.

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The new character in my book. Plot twist! Anna meets Filigonio, while in Agartha, in the Garden of Eden, and they fall in love. Both tzaddiks are inducted into Enoch's University of Tzaddikim, which is the third book of the four part series.... more

Until you have published your first book, you will never understand the natural high that comes with being a published author. Today, I will be talking about my upcoming book and new developements and people added into my storyline.... more

Inspiration is a remarkable thing. Sometimes you dont even notice who or what is the wind beneath your wings at first.

Making serious changes in my life never felt so good or have been so rewarding. My results, my hurdles, my blood, sweat and tears- and my new body!

Getting back into the gym after back surgery and getting back into Herbalife. I feel great!

I am in my first week of my journey in sun gazing and moving toward bicoming a breatharian. I will be talking about the how and why and some basic how to from what I have researched thus far. Join my in this exciting journey and how I... more

Was it easy? Back surgery has been the biggest pain in the ass ever! It is slowing me down, but I am trying to praise G-d in it all anyway!

There is a universal conspiracy to make me happy and successful in all things I do and touch!

And suddenly you get this feeling deep inyour core that your inthe right place at the right time with yoru project. With my writing, I have found myself typing so fast I think the keyboard is about to catch on fire. My fingertips are embers... more

The Golem On fire Mountain is the second book of the Jewish Holy fiction Series. The series has so far been planned out as a tetralogy, or 4 part series. I am veryexcited to get this book out as well as discuss the book coming up after this... more
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