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The Other Side of Midnight

The Other Side of Midnight


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Hosted by Richard C. Hoagland, Exposing Suppressed Science, Cutting Edge of Science and Thought

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In this show, we return to the Moon to consider "what might have been" -- if NASA had publicly acknowledged in the 1970s the repeated "surface anomalies" the Apollo mission crews saw, photographed and reported during their eight historic... more

Show: https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/2018-03-10_josephpfarrell/ http://stream.theothersideofmidnight.com:8000/stream "Time Capsules" This week, it was reported out of Australia that a women -- walking on a beach one... more

Radio with Pictures: https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/2018-03-04_richardspence/ What's Really Going on With Putin's Russia ... and President Trump? Dr. Richard Spence... more

Radio with Pictures: https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/2018-03-03_morayking/ Cars and electrical generators that run on water?! Sounds impossible, right? It's not.... more

We're not going to be on Blogtalk tonight. Please connect to our new stream here: http://stream.theothersideofmidnight.com:8000/stream Also Blogtalk's Phones are not answering the calls. We will try to have audio on Blogtalk as... more

Radio with Pictures page: https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/2018-02-24_robertstanley/ What if we on Earth, involuntarily, have shared our planet with another intelligent species down... more

Dr. Thomas Valone LIVE with Richard C. Hoagland How Connecting With the Torsion Field Can Release Your Inner Genius THIS SUNDAY! FEB 11th / 9 PM - 12 AM PST= Monday, Jan 29th / 12 AM - 3 AM EST For the LIVE... more

Radio with Pictures Page: https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com/2018-02-17_morningstar/ Kennedy ... Kennedy ... Kennedy! What's with all this obsession with "the KENNEDYS?!"... more

Jayn Weidner LIVE with Richard C. Hoagland Did Apollo Really Go To The Moon ...Or Did Kubrick Do It All On A Movie Set?

Heads up! The Show does in fact GO ON....Even tho the stream to blocktalk was interferred with and cut off...we were able to make a recording from our new LIVE STREAM. We need to do some editing to cut our some dead air time and... more