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Toddy Littman

Toddy Littman


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A show devoted to expressing the original intent of the Constitution and its purpose to us as the Posterity mentioned therein (see http://changingwind.org)

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This weeks show is to consider the ramifications of "storing" records on Americans, and the supposed "court" that will protect us from abuse... I'll delve into some other areas, maybe even a rant, if time permits, or even take a call,... more

Endlessly we hear the bad of the Patriot Act, which I admit has a lot of problems. So, isn't it time to discuss how it can be used by us to end clandestine surveillance of Americans that long predates the Patriot Act? I had to do this... more

You guessed it, another show where I "blog talk," reading a blog soon to be published that proposes a solution, and explains ramifications. This isn't a proposal for a new tax, but to return to the one that gave us a surplus (see 5th... more

With the recent IRS scandal and learning the Lois Lerner is on paid leave, it appears there is no better time than now to propose ?The Lerner Rule, The Bureaucrat Accountability & Responsibility Act." Of Course I'll likely cover other... more

Exploration into a little history, the reality of "Utopia." Rant? Protest? The inflection comes with the reading, and this one I'll read and, if time, get into a bit of one way that appears to achieve a waiver of sovereign immunity from the... more

Time to understand you have no "constitutional rights," that as the Posterity we have a duty to enforce the Constitution upon the very government it establishes the terms and conditions, objects and authorities, of. This discussion is to help... more