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This show is for serious believers and for the unbeliever to believe. You will learn how to walk in the power of the Lord Jesus by putting the faith that's in you to work. Faith without works is dead. Be filled with peace today, as your walk with the Lord is an eternal journey and there is always something to learn.

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A show where the power of God is displayed and the Truth is revealed. Let's move with the river of Life.
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The river of life is the movement of the Spirit of God on the earth. The river activates life for the prophetic to testify of Jesus. The river has a flow that is revealed to the church by The Spirit of Prophecy speaking in many different... more

God is beginning to release the prophetic insight for 2015. Tonight I will teach on God's presence and how to tap into it and how to receive prophetic insight for the end times.

Sometimes God is trying to dosomething and we are getting in His way. "Get out of God's way" will open your eyes regarding this big and unfortunately very common problem in the church.

Tonight we will counterattack the power of hell released on Halloween. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Amen

This teaching will help you understand where you are in you walk with Christ. It will renew your mind concerning the spiritual walk with Christ. Jesus is coming.

Marriage is the most important institution on earth. Marriage is the most attacked Union on the earth. If we want to see better generations we must begin by fixing the marriage. Jesus is coming and we must get ready

A show where the power of God is displayed and the Truth is revealed. Let's move with the river of Life. Get ready.i

The mind is where satan attacks first. The mind is also where God wants to give you victory. There is a constant battle for your mind. Today you will learn to overcome the thoughts that plague you and keep you down.

Time is the one thing we all equally must deal with everyday. Everyone has the same time under the sun, but not all know how to manage it. Today we will discuss some of these problems we have with time and how to manage it.