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Matt "DoomGuy" Victor - Expert on Doomsday Scenarios and Sur

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Matt "DoomGuy” Victor is an expert on doomsday scenarios and survival techniques. He lives in Australia and runs the popular website doomguide.com. His advice to people concerning the coming apocalypse is, "Don't Panic!” He includes the following in currently popular Doomsday Scenarios: Climate Shift; World War III; Asteroid Strike; Polar Shift (magnetic or physical, gradual or sudden); Total Economic Collapse; Galactic Tsunami (whatever that is); "Killshot” Solar Flare; Outbreak of a Horrible Government-Created Disease; Broad EMP Attack; New World Order Takeover; General Wrath of a Pissed-Off...

The Illustrated Doom Survival Guide is the definitive handbook to ensure your survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Based on the famous US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76, this tome skips all the army regulation procedures and focuses and expands upon the information that helps build basic skills that will be essential to staying alive. With over 500 very detailed and easy-to-understand illustrations, this book literally shows you how to do things like build a fire with whatever is at hand, perform field surgeries, identify and test foodstuffs, and form twine, snares and fishhooks.

This book was created with the impending apocalypse in mind. In any doomsday scenario, essential services such as power and clean water will be unavailable. Delivery of food and supplies will cease and money will be worthless. That's when being able to provide things of real value-such as clothing, tools, medical supplies, labor, food and water-will be of the utmost importance. If you wait for authorities and emergency services to look after you, you will be disappointed.

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