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Steve Kidd

Thriving Entrepreneur


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Best Selling Author Success Stories. Entrepreneur journeys. Inspiring Life and Business insight. 30 year veteran coach Steve Kidd and his guests of successful entrepreneurs, Best Selling Authors and World Changer share how they did it and how you can too!

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Have you faced trials and tribulations that have knocked you down? Have you ever felt as though your dreams weren't attainable? The truth is, trials and tribulations are something we all face, and they will knock us down, but what is... more

Do you strive to "WIN" at business? What about in life? The key to "Winning":at life and business is not about beating the competition but rather about creating an environment where not only you but everyone who works with you: Staff Team... more

We all need positive people in our lives that will hold us accountable and support us in our lives and journeys. Having an intimate group of people that can help us reach our goals is so empowering, both professionally and personally. Steve is... more

There are many elements to being the best version of yourself. We have to learn from others, we need to overcome the pains of the past and we need to always keep ourselves in motion. Today Steve is joined by 3 amazing best... more

Are you leaving your customers confused? Is it clear to your client what the next step is? If you are not sure think about how that feels for your customer. You need to have a plan. Your plan needs to be a step by step process that takes a... more

Today is my birthday and I cant think of a better way to celebrating than to share my birthday partner with you Maya Jona' Maya and I share a birthday and we have always loved being birthday partners. So today we pull back the... more

I want you to know you are a Gift! You have been given the gift of gifts, of talent of love that only you can give. Be tge best version of yourself. Share all of who you are and all you have to give with the world Remember you ARE uniquely... more

Have you ever watched a little child wake up on their own? I'm not talking about a teen who would prefer to stay up all night a sleep all day. Have you ever seen a small child still full of wonder get up in the morning. No matter what happened... more

We often hear SEO thrown around. Sometimes on show like "Shark Tank", it is presented as the end all be all for company growth and then in other episodes disregarded as a waste of time. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on... more

Are you inspired? Do you live your life in inspiration? Or do you struggle to find things to motivate you.? Today is your day to learn how to be inpired every day of your life. Not some hype or some high, but ubderstanding how... more