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Liberty Never Sleeps

Liberty Never Sleeps W/ Tom Purcell


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Conservative talk show with Republican rascal and raconteur, syndicated columnist Thomas Purcell. Uncensored, unfiltered opinions and phone calls from listeners. 60 minute open talk show simulcast on Youtube and Google + and IHeartRadio WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL POLITICS

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We finalize the week on discussions about the heroism on Southwest 138, our obfuscation of truth and history, and the vile hated and anger that's overwhelming our society. *Southwest Follow Up *Dr. Sims and Burying History *NYC Felony... more

A variety of stories today, as we cover the issue of journalistic ethics and transparency on today's show. Also a few words on Syria, Russia and the looming AZ teachers strike *Harry Anderson RIP *Tax Day *Hannity Speaks *Cohen... more

The air strike in Syria plays out for a number of reasons both legal and moral and we examine the issue in today's show. Also a few words on Rosenstein and the Mueller investigation. *Ermey RIP *Syria Scraped *Consequences... more

There is a shift in Washington as congressmen jockey for power and prepare for either DNC Senate or House. Rats are scurrying and showing their true colors as Tom calls them out on today's show. Also some thoughts on Zuckerberg,... more

We talk about social media today, in the context of yesterday's testimony of Mark Zuckerberg before Congress. Also some thoughts on internet privacy, gun control and border defense. *Rattling Trump's Cage *The Zuckerberg Hearings *On... more

Freedom of speech is dead in America, mainly because our constitutional protections doen't extend into the private marketplace, and in some cases, not even government. Also on today's show a few words about Syria and... more

Is America burning? Today's show is about motivation-- causes and effects. Violence and dissension is increasing in society worldwide and social media, guns and trade wars, is not the problem, but merely the symptom of careless human... more

Today's show is sort of a lighter catch-all day for stories we have been hanging onto for a week or more. Stories on DACA, immigration are punctuated by the madness is lighter stories around the internet this morning. WARNING:... more

A hostile force is coming the United States border. What are we going to do? What are YOU going to do? A question and solution offered on today's show. *Dogs Are Smart *Man the Battlements *Build the Wall *Rifles and Self Defense... more

Tom goes on a scorching rant about government today during Thursday's extended show. We talk about the Parkland kids, turnover in the Trump administration and a few words on the Roseann show. *Parkland Symbols... more
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