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Liberty Never Sleeps

Liberty Never Sleeps W/ Tom Purcell


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Conservative talk show with Republican rascal and raconteur, syndicated columnist Thomas Purcell. Uncensored, unfiltered opinions and phone calls from listeners. 60 minute open talk show simulcast on Youtube and Google + and IHeartRadio WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL POLITICS

On-Demand Episodes

Election 2018 Final Thoughts 11/06/18 Show Vol. 5--#184 Tom goes on a rant today about all of the divisiveness in today's elections and how we are doing it all wrong in America. *An 'Historic' Election *Republicans Offers *Democrat Offers... more

On Elections and the Millennial Generation 11/05/18 Show Vol. 5--#183 The Millennial Generation is the worst educated generation to come along in many years, mainly because they are more interested in other people's thoughts,... more

On Debt and Economics 11/01/18 Show Vol. 5--#181 A discussion about real world economics versus the fantasyland economics taught in most economics schools, and the reality of debt and financing on today's show. *Halloween... more

On Constitutional Law and Principles 10/31/18 Show Vol. 5--#179 Happy Halloween! We discuss the relevance of the Constitution and its principles on today's show. *Halloween Stinks Now *The 14th Amendment *The 2nd... more

On Handouts and Dependency 10/30/18 Show Vol. 5--#179 We focus too much onthe price of things and not enough on the cost of things, as we discuss our growing dependency on government on today's show. *Grow Up *Stickers on a... more

Politicization, Predictions, and Facts 10/29/18 Show Vol. 5--#178 Today we talk about the media's double standard on reporting news in terms of politics and the fairy tales being spun by both sides in this argument. *Grumpiness and... more

The Role and Purpose of Violence 10/25/18 Show Vol. 5--#176 Violence and civility are two different sides of a coin and Tom asks what is the role and purpose of both on today's show. *Daredevil A Winner *Serial Bomber? *Advocacy of... more

Misinformation and Lies 10/24/18 Show Vol. 5--#179 Poor decision making, and name calling is what America is becoming; if we vote it in in this fall's election. Tom discusses the upcoming election today. *Lottery Winners *The Lies of the... more

Foreign Policy, Electioneering and the Ground Game 10/23/18 Show Vol. 5--#178 America is the land of the great experiment and so far its worked for over 200 years. We talk about how elections could change all of that on today's show.... more

Entertainment Is Now the News 10/22/18 Show Vol. 5--#177 When did entertainment become about the news, and when did the news become a point of entertainment? Tom rants for an hour about the issue on today's show.... more
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