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Liberty Never Sleeps

Liberty Never Sleeps W/ Tom Purcell


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Conservative talk show with Republican rascal and raconteur, syndicated columnist Thomas Purcell. Uncensored, unfiltered opinions and phone calls from listeners. 60 minute open talk show simulcast on Youtube and Google + and IHeartRadio WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL POLITICS

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To understand the goings on in society, you need to examine history and story behind the story. We delve into a number of issues which have a significant backstory behind them on today's show. *Flake to Run? *Clinton's Blackmail... more

The difference between truth and lies versus the difference between fact and fiction is beomcing more apparent in today's electronic society. Discussed are McCab's pension, Trump's non disclosure agreements, and corruption in... more

A little reflection on intelligence and education and the differences between the two today, and the bane of government funded education. A few words also on why the school walkout was something to be shunned, Toys R Us and... more

Blue wave in 2018 or blue snake oil? We discuss the turnover in government and in the White House on today's show. Also a few words on Hawking, the CIA, and a small segment on the purpose of waterboarding. *Stephan Hawking... more

Divisivesess and identity politics are breaking the country up and all of these investigations that seem to go nowhere are as much of a problem as liberal politics. Also some word on Clinton and the DNC. *Warren's Problems Grow... more

Why is the federal government so important and what the importance of what an individual state does, is the topic for today's show as we explore California's rail system and immigration politics. Also a few words on Putin, and the Daniels... more

A lot of news stories in today's cycle as we try to get them all, with the Sessions lawsuit being among them. Also some follow ups on North Korea, Broward County and Jimmy Kimmel. *Bad Quake Coming *Stormy and Billionaire... more

On the anniversary of the Boston Massacre its important that we talk about WHY our rights are so important rather than WHAT they are. Also some follow ups on Trump's trade negotiations, the farcical business modeling of liberal companies,... more

The hypocrisy and pontification by celebrities this weekend was almost overwhelming as we delve into the murky waters of the Oscars today. A few words on Fake News, trade wars and our military as well. *Brainwashing the... more

Intelligence, due process and diligence are all examined on today's show. Social media plays a big role in why people are so short sighted now in regards to social constructs, government and law. Also some words on the Oscars, and YouTube... more
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