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My name is Florence. I am originally from Ghana, West Africa. For forty plus years I have been a “nurse” in many different capacities. To me "nursing" means helping someone realize their wholeness again, through the provision of necessary physical needs but mainly helping the transformation of thought. I have written a book at which details why I do this show. I want to share some of the spiritual insights I have gained into how we can heal the discords that challenge us in the different areas of our lives. An honest and sincere desire to understand God and therefore realize who we really are through the unprejudiced study of Christian Science can become a preventative and curative Truth . I currently work as a Christian Science Practitioner; dedicating my time to praying from a spiritual standpoint about the many ills that confront us. It is my deepest desire to awaken and encourage the acceptance and study of Christian Science. It's time to claim our birthright, our spiritual identity, which does help us to think and act rightly! This show is simply to share inspirational insights to help awaken us to our spiritual consciousness, something within each of us, as children of God.

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We have to wonder if Christmas comes and goes with its value to us totally forgotten, misunderstood or ignored. It is a significant time that we must revere and gain the blessings it brings. Join us as we explore this holy time! It's so clear that the way we think directly impacts our lives. Join us as we share insights that help us understand God, change our conciousness and our concepts about who we really are.
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