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Creating the life of your dreams as we discuss living life authentically and purposefully. My desire is to help you to determine specifically what you desire and how to strategically begin the process of creating that life. Every Sunday, I bring in the experts to assist you to Think, Believe and Manifest your life.

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Join Constance and her guest Dr. Torri Griffin as she shares how to use Congruence in Your Spirit, Soul and Body to Boost your Manifestation Power. Dr. Griffin will share why some people are successful and why some sruggle, 4... more

Join Constance as she shares with Tony Edgell, Author, The Hero Inside You. You will learn 5 ways to find your purpose, passion and meaning in Life. You will learn the power of your thoughts you inherited in life, how to change beliefs,... more

Allison Phillips is an Author, Business Coach and Spiritual Entrepreneur. She has been featured on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and The Wall Street Journal. She will be sharing about awakened marketing, how to fling the gates of... more

Julia Rogers Hamrick is the author of Choosing Easy World, A guide to opting out of struggle and strife and living in the Amazing Realm, where everything is EASY. You will learn: What is easy world and what are some of the keys to live and... more

Join Constance and her guest James Patrick Watson, Author, Life Coach and Public Speaker as he shares about what the Bible says about the Law of Attraction. Did Jesus use the Law of Attraction, what the law of attraction is and... more

Join Constance as she shares about how to Create Happiness and live an optimistic life. You will learn 13 principles that you can implement into your life today including the power of meditation, how to be true to yourself, how to be... more

Join Constance as she interviews Kirk D. Scott as he continues to share Part 2 of his book, Mind Your Business. Kirk will be sharing additional universal principles about success. You will learn about the power of being sick and tired, the... more

Join Constance as she shares her 25 years of clinical counseling expertise in the area of depression. She will give you an in-depth understanding of depression and how you can begin to use the Law of Attraction to shift your thinking, mood and... more

Join Constance and her special Guest Kirk D. Scott, Professional Speaker, Seminar Leader, Life Coach and Author, Mind Your Business: Live on Purpose. Tune in and Learn how to overcome your mental and emotional barriers... more

Constance Arnold talks with Dr. Will Moreland is an Author, speaker, trainer and Consultant. He is America's #1 Leadership Life Trainer and has authored 30 books. He will be sharing about his new book – CopyCat Millionaire. The... more