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Creating the life of your dreams as we discuss living life authentically and purposefully. My desire is to help you to determine specifically what you desire and how to strategically begin the process of creating that life. Every Sunday, I bring in the experts to assist you to Think, Believe and Manifest your life.

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Join Constance and her guest Cali Gilbert, Author of It's Serendipity: Four Steps to Manifesting a Life of Bliss. Tune in and learn about the 4-step formula, how to deal with fear and loss, the power of gratitude, how to surrender and how... more

Join Constance and her Guest, David Gikandi, Author of Happy Pocket Full of Money; Your Quantum Leap into the understanding, having and enjoying of immense wealth and happiness. David was also the creative Consultant on the... more

Greg Kuhn is an author, educator and is known as The Law of Attraction Science Guy. He will be sharing about how to shift and change your beliefs and paradigms in 2015 and how to apply those new beliefs to create a great life. You will... more

Dr. George C. Fraser has authored 5 best selling books, and for 25 years has been the founder of a global networking movement, foremost authority on economic development and wealth creation globally. His work has impacted... more

Join Constance as she shares specific strategies for defining your goals and intentions for 2015. You will learn how to become clear about your top 3 intentions and how to define what you desire to experience in 2015. Additionally, you will... more

Derek Rydell is an Author, Coach and New Thought Leader. He will be sharing about his new book EMERGENCE, Seven Steps for Radical Life Change. You will learn how to see the complete vision; Cultivate Congruent Conditions;... more

Richard Harper is back with Part 2 from his book Consciously Wealthy, You will gain a clear understanding of prosperity consciousness, the power of I AM affirmations and your words, Prophetic Intelligence and the power of Love... more

Richard Harper is the author of Consciously Wealthy, Developing a Rich Mind to make Power Moves. You will learn how to create success from the inside out, principles of creating wealth consciously, how to have portals of an open... more

Marquel Russell is a best selling author and Rapid Business Growth Strategist. Learn how he manifested becoming an Entrepreneur Extraordinaire in spite of being a 10th grade dropout, a convicted Felon and a father at the age of 19.... more

Asher Fox, Author of Fat to Fearless: Enjoy permanent weight loss and end emotional eating, for good. Asher has lost 100 pounds. You will learn the power of your subconscious in losing weight, how to change your inner core... more