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The X Annex

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Triad Studios presents it's Paranormal hour hosted by Wolfboy Gillespie who covers everything from UFO's to Bigfoot. So join us for an informative and entertaining show every week here on BlogTalkRadio!!!

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What the hell is on the other side of the fence, we play with heavy metal toys, Texas style. JL"s research uncovers some heavy shit, Tequila, Canteens, and a very bizarre visitor interrupts my late night B.L.T. sandwich! Cripes! I hate... more

Things are kinda quiet in West Kerr County, but that never stopped me from telling a story before. Follow along, as I move through The X Annex Universe. Sometimes the littlest detail leads to the strangest crap, or things you have filed... more

You've heard about it. You've sat on the front porch, swigged some canteens, and listened to me blab. Now let's go inside and look around. Yes, that's right. A virtual tour of " The Compound". But first a word of warning, stay with the tour... more

For many, many years, DOCTORS weren't very good at determining whether or not a DECEASED type person was actually DEAD. SO...a lot of supposedly DECEASED type persons got buried when they WEREN'T ACTUALLY DEAD !!!... more

Not having anything ready, again; I grabbed something at random off my workstation. And what I came up with was...Alone. "Alone" was a script for a short film that I wrote several years ago. Since we have been ALL ABOUT short film... more

More campfire stories, weird news, and some flash fiction. I have nothing prepared at this point. but I WILL have SOMETHING ready by Sunday night at 11PM.

Breaking news from West Kerr County, wait till you hear this crap! And of course we will continue with Wolfboy's adventures from the summer of '87.

It was the summer of '87, and I was burned out big time. So I ran away. South of the border down Mexico way. Four months of fun and sun and sand and beer and boats and tequila and bikini bunnies and , well you get the picture. Seven days... more

More campfire stories, music, and survival quiz. Have pen and paper ready, do you have what it takes to survive the X Annex universe. And an update on the Aqua Plato Ranch Incident.