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Dr. Martin Luther King preaches one of his most militant sermons yet choose to reveal a very personal experiance that most preachers would never reveal. Martin reminds America of the contribution African Americans had made to the wealth... more

The chief social activist of our time repeatedly displays the relevance of the gospel and the judeo christian ethic that is the solution to the social ills of the country. We can't continue to ignore this prophets clarion call to invoke God and... more

Rev Dr. Martin Luther King was brilliant at taking todays issues and giving scriptual and spiritual application to show that our religion was revelant and the answer to the issues of his day. No doubt we need to immulate his prophetical... more

Police still in rift with mayor. The sanctity of life still a question in society and needs to be settled!

The facts about marriage that have been presented to the public not been telling the whole story! Statistics havent been facts but in some cases projections and that probably of those who dont find the institution viable. The true facts should... more

The incredible story of Gianna Jessen who's mother at 17 years of age attempted to abort her by saline solution. Gianna's passion for life and commitment to forgive her mother is a testimony we all need to embrace. Gianna enthralling walk... more

The normalization of sexual child abuse is a part of the LGBT agenda yet to be realized but certainly being pursued. We will explore the recent article in the New York Times by a New Jersey Rutgers Professor Margo Kaplan teaches, who... more

We will get back to the drama Sunday at 5:00PM

sometimes we forget the mirical of Chriustmas. The profound way God the Father chose to intorduce his only begotton Son to the world. " A Virgin will conceive and thou shall call his name Emmanuel meaning God with us!" He is the reason for... more

The press conference today by Di Blassio and Branton had today was for the sole purpose of showing reconciliation and civility between the police and Mayor. Petitions are being circulated to have the Mayor resign at the current talley is... more