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Are you kidding me? Did you actually believe that the leading providers of abortion in America, founded by one of the most racist individuals that has ever been born, Margaret Sangar, would not be involved in a practice that has... more

Well with the multiple event that have transpired in these past month is America now prime for the judgment of God or the shaking of a nation such as we have never witnessed before or is this just the end. We can all take special thanks in... more

Say hello to the new America. I am sure once you really meet and understand the new America you will have nothing to do with the new USA. Last week the new America made its introduction and sent a clear message across the... more

The George W. Bush appointee, Chief Justice Roberts certainly has become the thorn in the side of the Republican Party. Some may go as far to say the knife in the back as opposed to the thorn in the side. Once again Chief Justice... more

The timing and the Charleston massacre was uniquely animus. With civil unrest still at a high over the recent encounters police have had with Black men it would have been perfect timing prior to Junteeth celebrations for the African American... more

The verdict has not come as of yet but the climate certainly appears to be pointing in the direction of Same Sex Marriage being affirmed by the court but to what degree? The voices of the conservatives are crying out against any such... more

We could have reached the darkest hour in Americas history. Due to flawed sexual orientation America is about to alter and redefine the fundamental building block of society and pollute the sanctity of marriage. What will happen now... more

We are now in the days of Ellijah but we are also in the days of Noah. Noah let us to know there was total apathy toward the principles of Gods values and ways along with the rise of violence. It appears that apathy and violence is a day... more

The ?Civil Rights Battle of the 21st Century? differs from the ?Civil Rights Battle of the 20th Century? in several ways. One: The first was for those of a different color or ethnicity. This one is for those of us compelled to serve the Ruling... more

We are listening to the testimony of Lee McNulty ex Paterson school teacher on the horrendous condition of the Paterson schools and the corrupt Administration.There are no Republicans running Paterson nor managing the... more