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The President has once again put the church is a difficult position when it comes to allegiance. Can the church with a clear conscience continue to support Democratic Party? What should the message of the clergy be about imigration and obamacare?
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the plan has been revealed and the President is moving forward without Congress and now we all wait to see the next step a Republican congress will take againts or in agreement of the Obama doctrine.

Ebola epidemic still uncontained while US pharmaceuticals positioned to reap great profit from the crisis. Obama still defiant in his pursuit of passing imigration laws without congress.

The fall out from the Johnathan Gruber comments appears to be the moral high ground for Congress to either drasticly alter Obama Care our do away with it all together. What do you think in light of the revelations revealed by jonathan... more

can we continue to have any trust in a presidency that has continualy been the cause for repeated misinformation and manipulation?

After the obamacare disaster can you trust a president that mislead so many people so many times!

Race and Social justice was the theme of Harry Belafonte's acceptance speech of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award during the sixth annual Govenors awards. He also received an honorary Oscar for his magnificent work in... more

Finally exposed for what was obvious all along the President deliberately lied to the public about his signature legislation! Wow, where do you go from here? This is disgraceful and the American people deserve better especially the next... more

The loss of Myles Monroe to the body of Christ here on earth is a devastating one. We know that God's strength is all we have in times like these and any explanation wont ease the bereavement we experience. We can only hope the... more

The tragic Death of Myles Monroe and daughter is a devestating tragic event but does it have purpose? I like you will now reflect on his insightful kingdom principles that are so deperately needed now. We need to know our work and... more

reflection on the elections, immigration and Mia Love and tom Scott in review