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Talking With Denise

Talking With Denise


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The Tutor Wizard features discussion with parents, kids, teachers, congressman, and those concerned with helping improve our kids educational success

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Do college athletes have time to be students? Going to college is exciting, fun, and hard work. But do you think it's realistic to expect them to practice for hours after class and then study? These are students who are in college because of... more

Women are increasingly outnumbering men in higher education, including doctural programs. Many fields which used to be called a "man's" job are seeing an increase in the number of women Jobs like psychiastrist, lawyer, and doctor just... more

We know that parental involvement in a child's education postively impacts that child. However we mostly hear about parental involvment of the mother. How does a father's involvement in a child's education impact that child? Does... more

Reality TV seems to be one of the most popular teens, especially teen girls,watch on TV, Among the popular shows are "16 and pregnant", "teen moms", "Love and Hip Hop", America's Next Top Model" and " Here Comes Honey Boo Boo".... more

Have you ever tried getting a child to read books, magazines, anything? We all know that kids love playing on i-pads, tablets, and cell phones well now there are free apps to help them read better. Yes that's right apps. There are all types of... more

As we celebrate the 60 year anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education it appears that public schools are still segregated. 60 years ago laws were passed to de-segregate public schools based on race and stll today many public... more

School is almost out. There are lots of things to do for kids under 13 years old but what can a 13 -15 year old do for the summer? Babysitting used to be the number one summer job for young teens but not anymore. These teens are usually... more

Girls brave violence for their education in northern Nigeria. The kidnapping of Nigerianan school girls have caught the attention of everyone. Boko Haram (which means Western Education is forbidden) Militants are held responsible. While... more

Parents and students have complained for years about the Georgia CRCT Test. But one set of Marietta parents did more than complain, they refused to let their children take the 2014 CRCT. Do you think that kids should be able to opt out of... more

I love reading a good book. I've loved reading every since I was a little kid. However lots of kids today do not like reading books. In fact they would rather stimulate their mind by playing videos, watching videos, talking on their cell... more