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At The Last-Next Moment Before Tommorows Memory...

  • Broadcast in Science



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Welcome Lovers, The thought for this episode was born from initial realization that the Next thing we say from our Tonsils could very well be the syllables which conduct the Symphony which Plays our Destiny in a Juke Joint Howl...Our Moments to come. We can only command, that before we remeber our vision for Tommorrow That it remain burned into our Memory and that this is a Sonnet which we Play Over and Over in our Soul To The Infinity and To The Beyond.The BEYOND..The Beyond! As Always we have issues to discuss with you all. And todays blatant topic could very well center around the S.O.S. which we issued via CraigsList Atlanta..We have shut down our shields to 40% and diverted the excess power to the Life-Support Systems still we maintain our course. Ur Technology is causing a break from the Main Power Core and we find it nessesary to Call out for assistance or Else Fantasaii II will sink...May! Day! Get Paid Today! Since we are Gamers.. Mission: 1.Locate Coordinates of Fantasii II S.O.S. 2.Secure Cargo (Its Precious) 3.Embark! 4.Negotiate 5.Sign Piece Treaty! ( Gotcha Freaks Goin NoW!) Chuckle, Chuckle) By the way..Some of you may be Wondering how we maintain such a calculated plan. Well first , we found our minds and allowed them to flourish, even in a rock garden. Then, we Set the environment in Motion by creating a Worm Hole and that is How you Fly Fantasaii II, secondly (is that a real word?)The Captain cannot share the flight plan with everyone because it will minimize the initial effects of the reactions. this sentence is a creation of the editing process.BARACASA! BARACASA!BARACASA!BARACASA! That was a shot out Madeloud in .com World. thank you for Producing the Soundtrack for this SuperHero Theme Music which was the Source of This Exerpt from the Captains Log StarDate 0218201105:16A sippin on @4 HR ENERGY DRINK WE CALL LIQUOR DE LI'FE!original CHATTAHOOCHEE PUNCH!Straight out the FAUCET AND HOT! Navigating in Your Direction, LySyBGroupThink!