wake up african people

wake up african people


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Some think that the first place a Christian church was built is in Ethiopia well dr William is going to straighten that out and more so tune in with me the truth doctor and Astro Ra and brother b and the queen hatshepsut on another episode of... more

Why our people for the most won't take a stand for the future of black children is beyond belief let's talk about it join me astro black and the queen hatshepsut this issue is critical and we must take a stand ...

He promised you change but not the change you thought it was going to be join me the truth dr and astro black and queen hashepsut while we break down the change that has you broker than ever with no political representation with a man... more

to those who fly the red black and green the call to come home is being called we have a plan we have a constitution you now it worked they created cointelpro to take it down but its still alive the whirlwinds are whipping up the ancestors are... more

Dr Williams will be discussing the myth of Mohammed thevso called prophet of Islam...

Race first ideology of the universal negro improvement association join me the truth dr astro black with guess brother simeron of the Marcus Garvey society ...

the most vulnerable the most helpless the most eloquent in the pursuit to serve white people is black people so they seek to eliminate black people for the bounty of the resources rise up black people take your place in a unified... more

We will be discussing the secret but not so secret relationship between Blacks and a European masters with the truth dr and astro black tune in and state your opinion ...

Touching on how religion makes you a perfect slave join me the truth doctor and astro black blacker than ever and queen hatshepsut on this episode of WAKE up African people hotep . ...

Our salvation is in our unity not in these fake religions they have never helped us to do not thing but remain a obedient slave waiting on the sweet bye and bye Your religion is one of a slave black power our with me the truth dr and astro... more