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wake up african people

wake up african people


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African redemptionism vs Pan Africanism there is a big difference join me the truth dr astro black and queen Hashepsut and brother kamal of the unia inc disgusting this topic tune in and get your knowledge up a @ wake up African people ...
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A negro os Shot down every 28 hours in america join me and astro black how can we stop this phenomena and protect our people and our interest ...

black people dont have control of there destiny and thats a fact how did we lose it and how can we get it back our destiny is in the hands of white supremacy what steps do we have to take to put it back in our own collective hand and join... more

We need accountability and transparency in the conscious movement and no leaders we need a publicité and a grassroots movement door-to-door to educate our people so that they can vote for the direction of our peoples destiny and... more

Why race matters . Join me, the truth dr, astro ra, and queen ebony we will be discussing race and why it matters, why we don't realize this the way others do, and how it harms us. Call in and Express your opinion...

Executive Director, Anthony Murphy discussing patrol areas in a Town Watch training seminar this man is a agent he works for the police telling on black people in the ghettos of Philadelphia on the weekend he's a preacher preaching... more

Truth dr and astro ra will be interviewing randy short tune in this broth is full of info you need to know ...

Join me the truth dr and astro ra and queen Hashepsut and guest Double R ....

Some think that the first place a Christian church was built is in Ethiopia well dr William is going to straighten that out and more so tune in with me the truth doctor and Astro Ra and brother b and the queen hatshepsut on another episode of... more

Why our people for the most won't take a stand for the future of black children is beyond belief let's talk about it join me astro black and the queen hatshepsut this issue is critical and we must take a stand ...

He promised you change but not the change you thought it was going to be join me the truth dr and astro black and queen hashepsut while we break down the change that has you broker than ever with no political representation with a man... more