wake up african people

wake up african people


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Truth doctor interviews Herman and iyluua Ferguson on the plight of our political prisoners many have been in jail since the sixties and seventies and many have died in jail why are we continuing too sit back and let them suffer and if it were not for them we wouldn't have some of the privileges we have too day tune in and find out how you can support them in their time of need like they done for us black power !!!

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With brother Ptah and Akbar Ralston the Truth doctor dropping the knowledge ...

Akbar Ralston and brother Ptah kick the knowledge tune in and download ...

young black brother Astro black was kicked out of the University in Jonesboro Arkansas 2014 4 expressing his opinion his white professor said that the only way black people can have culture is it has to be a given to them by the white man... more

this show is a show about us standing in the way of the destruction of the white race ...

Weavehab is for those stuck on weave and hate their natural hair the truth Dr is here to give you treatment with the cold truth !!!

marcus garvey build his organization in the jimcrow south when the naacp was keep out the south because they were assimilationist how did garvey achieve this in the south where lynching was the order of the day he was in the south... more

Malcolm X in 1964 and others founded the organization of Afro American unity The Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) Herman& iyaluua Ferguson Mr Ferguson was in the audobon when malcolm was assassinated and he is here... more