wake up african people

wake up african people


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The truth doctor and astro black will be discussing what was the best for black people working to build up white America or building up black America and the race and securing our destiny tune in and give your opinion @www.wake up african people blog talk radio . ..
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Truth Doctor and astro black with be discussing mental slavery and how to rid yourselves of its effectively tune in and get your treatment if you think your suffering it's effects ...

This is the place to be if your in highland park Michigan or Detroit or the metropolitan area nandi has built a knowledge empire and saved a lot of people in the wake of her creating her business so if you want black culture she... more

Is there a God that fits the ideologies of the western system or is it just a theory concocted by there limited understanding of the concept they got from corrupt african priest from the Nile valley civilization ...

Irritated jeannie professor griff Sara suten Seti king noble what's going on in hotlanta at the warriors conferences tune in and get the xxx why is it that we can't just get along and build our people's future we have no time for fighting each... more

The truth doctor and astro black with bro Craig and our guess brother Cimeron will be discussing the civil rights movement vs black nationalism tune in and give us your take hotep ... Truth dr and Astro black will be discussing how... more

We will be touching on the church and black woman and why they love it so much .

The truth doctor and astro black will be touching on the issue are we still enslaved mentally enslaved spiritually enslaved physically enslaved join us and give your opinion maat hotep...

Truth doctor and astro black and queen sashet will be interviewing shaharazaid ali she has been on the scene advocating for our people for a long time tune in and ask the question you like to the goddess dont miss this episode of wake up... more

This show is on why rioting and.protesting is not the solution to our collective problems and the solution to our situation in 2014 and beyond tund in with the truth doctor and astro black and queen Loretta and queen ayanah call in and... more

THE TRUTH DR WILL BE INTERVIEWING DR WALTER WILLIAM ON THE Hieroglyphics HE SAYS THEY have never been deciphered DR. WALTER WILLIAMS ON European Religious Imperialism - The True Historical Origins Of... more