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Take the Kingdom

The True Jews are Black


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Biblical Scholars that are dedicated to revealing the identity of the True Hebrew Israelite Jews according to the Holy, who are known today as the peopl of Negroid, Native American and Hispanic descent

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We hear alot of people on this planet earth running their mouths and have the nerve to make the statement, " God's said that Israel was cast off and now he's dealing with the Gentiles!" Well theres nothing further than the truth!In this class... more

You have a lot of Church's out there that say the law is done away with. The question is what law are they talking about? This class will explain all those questions pertaining to if the Law is done away with.

This world that we live in says that a man of God or a woman of God can eat what ever they want. We will prove with the Bible, in the Bible, through the Bible, that those opinions, statements, comments, and beliefs, are not according to... more

When you read the Bible and Study the Bible in its entirety you will find out that God manifested himself in the flesh as Jesus Christ and died on the cross for the sins of the Nation of Israel, and this class will prove it.

How do you know if you have been worshiping God in the Spirit of Truth? What is the Spirit of Truth? These questions will be answered.

This class will open your mind to what the bible is talking about, when it speaks about people speaking in tongues. A lot of people were raised to believe that speaking in tongues is a bunch of words that you see people speaking in... more

This show will open up people's understanding on what the wrath of God really is. The Wrath of God is recorded in the pages of the Bible and after you hear this show, you will have a clear understanding of what the wrath of God is when it... more

proving that the so-called whiteman is Esau of the Bible

This topic will prove without the shadow of a doubt that the so-called whiteman true biblical name is Esau