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The show is about the taking action in your life necessary to breakthrough your road blocks and reach your goals.The areas I cover are relationships, career, family,health spiritual and finance to assess which areas have roadblocks which may be stopping them in getting to their goals.I work with network marketers and get them to not just understand their why but how to get there. I help people get to where they want to go.

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Today's Show is about Earth Day and how we talk about leaving the planet a better place for the next generation. Diana Kerekes The Take Action Life Coach will be talking about leaving a legacy for our children and... more

Today Diana Kerekes The Take Action Life Coach talks about how you can't make people happy. Sometime people depend on you to make them happy. You can't spend your whole life make other people happy. You sometimes do... more

Today's topic is about "Positive Thinking" I know some people are thinking how can you be positive with all that is happening in the world, just look around us. Well, for me I do believe in the importance of Positive Thinking and in my show... more

Today Diana Kerekes The Take Action Life Coach talkes about how some people think that life is about getting things for free even starting a business for FREE. Sorry to say it nothing in life is free. There is a cost to it. No matter what it... more

On today's show Diana Kerekes-The Take Action Life Coach will talk about ways to get you out of your comfort zone. Let's face it everyone does not like change because it makes them feel uncomforatable. I have felt that myself until I... more

Today I want to cover a topic that has been brought to my attention. I am very fortunate that the two sponsors I have are great. They are unique in their ways and they both have hearts. Their main concern is their team's success not just... more

Today Diana Kerekes -The Take Action Life Coach discusses how your attitude affects you life. Yes "YOUR" attitude affects your life. I hear people say things like life happens to me,life is so unfair or why does everything happen to me!. I... more

Last week I talked about how to set goals.I gave specific guidelines. This week I want to talk about self sabatage and how people have it and don't even know it. They also can have a case of SOS(Shiny Object Syndrome) with it at the same... more

Have you "really" set your goal or goals for this year? I hear people all the time talk about goal setting but do you really know what that means? Are you doing exactly the same thing or things you did last year and expecting different... more