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FOR OUR VARIOUS EVENT COVERAGE AND "RADIO ADVERTISING PACKAGES", PLEASE EMAIL: or call Veena K. at (917) 828-2232 AMERICA READY TO LAUGH & LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! With "THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR RADIO SHOW” “A online program with that NYC comedy swag, a show that supports new up and coming artists and also provides you with “Inspiration” and “Positive Energy” to help enrich your daily lives" We Broadcast LIVE in High-Definition Stereo every Monday from 6:30pm – 8:30pm Guest all in # (347) 857-4380 After 2 successful Kickstarter Campaigns for 13.5K with 165 plus Backers, 3 comedy sketches filmed now in post production, and 2 successful NYC debut screenings of 2 sketches (with positive film reviews), 3 co producers and 1 “Associate Producer/Angel Investor", THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR RADIO SHOW RETURNS WITH A BIGGER AND EVEN BETTER SHOW WITH THAT SAME NYC STYLE & SWAGGER! FILLED WITH HILARIOUS COMEDY, INSPIRATION & POSITIVE ENERGY THAT WILL HELP ENRICH THE DAILY LIVES OF OTHERS. If you would like to become an "ASSOCIATE PRODUCER" of our show, then please Email: or call Veena K. at (917) 828-2232 Be sure to submit your questions to either our Facebook or Twitter:, IF YOU LIKE OUR RADIO SHOW THEN HIT THE "FOLLOW US" LINK here on our Blog Talk Radio program home page. "LIKE US" on Facebook @ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOU-TUBE PAGE @ "FOLLOW US" on "TWITTER" & "INSTAGRAM" at:, , #therhymeimpersonatorshow TUNE INTO OUR RADIO SHOW EVERY MONDAY from 6:30pm - 8:30pm at: http://www.blogta

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On this weeks episode Radio host "Richard aka 2nd" officially announces a new Kickstarter Campaign Launch Party set for June of 2014!, and he continues his discussion on the "The Crises in Ukraine", and he might even have his good... more
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This week Radio host "Richard aka 2nd" returns with an exciting new segment: ?Whats The Problem Ladies?? – (Dating Advice for Women.) Richard also touches on "The Crises in Ukraine", and shares his exclusive interview at the... more

This week on The Rhyme Impersonator Radio Show, Radio host "Richard aka 2nd" returns with this weeks current events "The shooting in Fort Hood", a full update on his comedy show pilot project PLUS his 04/19/14 NYC Audition for... more

This week Radio host "Richard aka 2nd" gives a full update on the comedy show & his 04/19/14 NYC Audition for Child Dancers PLUS Celebrity choreographer &... more

In this weeks episode radio host: Richard aka 2ND pays his respect and condolences to the victims and families of the Phillipines Tragedy and victims of the most recent wave of thunderstorms which brought damaging winds and... more

In this episode Radio Host Richard aka 2ND we will give you a exclusive Rhyme Impersonator Show Pilot & Red Carpet Screening Update, PLUS you will hear our exclusive interview with celebrity guest Brazilian Artist: "Rosangela Bombieri".... more

NEXT WEEKS EPISODE OF "THE RHYME IMPERSONATOR RADIO SHOW will feature the recap of the 4th Comedy Sketch filming for The Rhyme Impersonator Show!. PLUS hear the exclusive interview with "MIGUELINA... more

GOOD NEWS! "The Rhyme Impersonator Radio Show" officially returns back to the radio waves at its regular scheduled time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm every Monday @ Todays episode... more


12/07/2013 NEW YEARS RED CARPET PILOT SCREENING! Featuring special guest hosts of the Rhyme Impersonator Show: Jim Masters & Karii Adams". ADVANCE EARLYBIRD TICKETS ONLY $125.00! DO NOT WAIT!... more
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