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The Power Is Now online Radio was created to empower and educate real estate professionals to maximize their business opportunities.

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Quote: ?Qazzoo was designed to put the power in the hands of the real estate agents and loan officers by allowing them to hand select the consumers they would like to work with instead of the professional wasting money and time... more
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Empowering Real Estate Professional with Technology Discussion points: Mobile Devices: Essential Tools for Real Estate Agents Provide More Timely Information to Your Clients with Apps Effectively Utilizing QR Codes to Attract Buyers &... more

1st Lien - Residential - Non-performing - Discounted Mortgage Notes Discussion points: How do NPNs (non-performing notes) differ from REO opportunities Why would an investor want NPNs Advanced exit strategies / business practices Six... more

Discussion Points: Start as an agent Real Estate Experiences as an agent and broker owner Team and business operation Production results and overall success in real estate Plans for the future and opportunity forecast Guest... more

Talking points: -Real estate property crimes -Foreclosure Fraud -Foreclosure Rescue Scams -Loan Medification Fraud -Public Education and Outreach Guest speaker: Paul E. Zellerbach, Riverside County District Attorney... more

Intercap Lending ?Creating Homeownership with Less Obstacles? Discussion Points: 1. Intercap Lending Company History 2. Programs that make a difference at Intercap Lending - FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA Direct 3. Career Opportunities... more

Contact, Cultivate, Close 1. Why Real Estate Agents need to pay attention 2. Getting into the Lead Generation game 3. Who is the best Lead Gen Company? 4. Best Practices to maximize ROI 5. Technology/ Human Resources for... more

Discussion Points: Start in Real Estate business Experiences as an agent and broker owner Tactics/strategies for success Team and operation in two states Production results and overall success in real estate Plans for the future and... more

NAREB 67th Mid-Winter Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada Discussion Points: Why Annette became a Realtist Her transition from employment to a self employed real estate agent How she started working with investors Her educational... more

NAREB 67th Mid-Winter Conference - Las Vegas, Nevada Discussion Points: Empire Board of Realtist formed in 1939 - Joined NAREB in 1947. Celebrating 75 years. The Empire Board boast to have the most past National presidents... more
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