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The Power of The Peoples Voice

The Power was Given to The People


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Entertainment Style Blogs, upon my own; Personal Stories and Testimonies of Struggle and Triumph in My Life. In regards to Spiritual(use of Bible at times and other readings), Social, Economic, Health. Hopefully it can either be entertaining or helpful to your own life!

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I am reading a 8 page pamphlet I wrote about where our world is going. I will also express my concerns of the the upcoming election and where I feel this next election will take us.

I want to share my second book in publication and also bring wispy princess up! My first book was geared towards children and was very fantacy based. The Journals of Illa Moon is very dark and at times, a distrurbing read. But, you be... more

Well I have not been on air in two months and wondering what I was going to talk about, but maybe I will just ramble or go over a few things from the last few straggling shows I did. We are still here on Earth!. No apocalypse, No asteroids... more

Just to touch base and talk about the latest fear of an astroid crashing into the earth this fall. Is it real this time? Is it just another false end world prophecy? Thats what God warned us about too, fear based false prophecy.

This show will be me and my guest Tom! We will be discussing coffee drinking and going to Mars. How many years have the studies gone back and forth about the benefits or harm of drinking coffee? Since we only have a half hour we will... more

I am going to read a short article, yes it is short, about pollution. Then I will expand on what I think of pollution. Hold on, because this is one of those extremely concerning issues to me. Air is important to everyone, and water and... more

I just popped on an article on msm, from Popular Science about how we will die on Mars one day! It is a very dramatic title, and rather lengthy, but I will take a shot at it and share the article and also what I may think about it. What do you... more

The man who created the video has been studying scripture for over 17 years. His prophecy is that we will get hit by an massive and intense electro magnetic device that would knock America out by the hands of Russia. I am not saying if it... more

I am going to read an article comparing the diference between the Bible and the Quran. I am not well versed in the Quran or the Bible extremely well. So we can learn together. Who wrote the Quran? Who wrote the Bible? These are some of... more

I am going to read an article from the Pew statistics or reports. I guess church attendance is down and people may or may not be so willing to identify with a particular church or denomination as they once may have. This is surely where... more