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The NUPresentation, is a Real Educational Opportunity.  The focus is, RealGuidance,  RealEducation, RealTruth and RealFreedom.  Everyone has their own 'truths' with their life and this world.  What each person chooses their life to be is right for them, as each of us have Free Will.  My name is Duane, and I am providing THE NUWAVIS The NUPrresentation, an Adventure Like No Other.

The Whole of Life, is far too much for any of us to grasp, so we learn to take steps to explore and discover, What Is Real Now.   First, each person must decide what it is they want for themselves and their life to be.  The formula I am presenting is for a person to decide what they want, then allow The RealGuidance of Life to show the person their process to go through.  The easiest way is for one to be aware of their DreamVisions at night, because this is one of the many ways Life speaks to us. 

Rebazar Tarzs and The RealGuides, are always ready to assist those who have a sincere desire for RealTruth.  When a person ia able to let go of their 'Liteal Sense,' and open to be shown What Life IS, as a child is with their parents, then one can start to PerSeeve  Realtruth.  All of us do have our own 'truths' in this Passing Dream, but for those who want RealTruth and RealFreedom, RealGuidance is a must. 

It takes many lifetimes to where we have searched long enough and we want Something Real.  Life IS AlwaysNU Now, and never in the past or future.  For those who are ready to take the risk to See Beyond what this world and everyone is agreeing to, they Now have The Real Opportunity to prove to themselves, that The Whole of Life, The TruReality, is so much more than any written or spoken word.  www.TheNUPresentation.Info