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group discussions based on current events

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There seems to be a growing controversy over the "Black lives matter" movement. What is the purpose and intended goal of the movement and why the opposition when it come to the outcry of black lives lost? Who say's it's a terrorist organization? What terrorist acts have they commited?
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Has the Feminist movement of 1848 set a good or bad example for womens rights or has it become a thorne in the side of men that just want a traditional woman??

Whether mental or phsycial, man or woman, why do some feel the need to remain in abusive relationships?

Has there ever been more than one person in your life that makes you very happy on a relationship level.....at the same time? Hmmmmm???

Just as we're trying to find out the details surrounding the death of a black man from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alton Sterling at the hands of police, a day later another black man was killed in Minnesota by police. What the hell is going on?... more

Let's face it not everybody is perfect but there are some out there who answer the call and others who just listen to the dial tone. What is it about some men that choose not to be accountable for their actions in relationships and life itself?... more

Is it safe to say that no one would try to take advantage of the new laws being passed on Restroom Gender Identification? Is this really all about equal rights or something else? Let's open the floor for some discussion. Guest call in:... more

To some it's everything, to others it's nothing and there are those that do not even know that they posess it. What is "POWER" ....really?

From relationships to self-fulfillment, what's the issue? Why do some of you feel the need to validate yourselves through something or someone? Let's get it in!! Guest call in 347-324-339

"The Talk" As a parent/step parent or fill in, when is it time to have that talk? An uncomfortable talk for me since i have a daughter...lol, but how about you? Guest call in 347-324-3395 Wednesday June 8th, 2016

A recap on current events.