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You can know someone all your life and one day...its's a wrap! The person that has had your back through thick and thin and vice versa. The person you talked to about all of you secrects, issues, and problems is now a stranger and potiential enemy, what do you do? How easy is it to forgive? Who is deserving of your forgivness and why? Food for thought, come get a plate!! Wednesday night 8 p.m.
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Indeed to all of us who have grown up watching him on the big screen and TV, Charlie Sheen coming forward to the public about his HIV status makes you wonder is Hollywood really that vain or is being blackmailed just a tactic to gain... more

Where and When did things go wrong? Why does it seem like alot of today's youth rushing to violence as their only resolution? Or is this just Media hype? Join us as we really get in depth with the direction of youth in the current state of... more

Is creativity still apart of music nowadays? On the outside it looks like everybody is going platinum. With all the promotion and so called sales from iTunes to other music outlets is music really selling as it should or as it used to years ago? Or is... more

Oh...he's a sellout! Or She think she's too good? It's bad enough in 2015 we're still having issues with color but what does it have to do with love and relationships? This evening will be touching upon the topic of interracial dating... more

With the holidays quickly approaching what is the craziness all about when it comes to spending our hard earned dollars on sales we think exist but really don't? We also will be talking about Holiday Love. We all know those people who... more

Tonight we will be delving into the differences between a mother and a baby mama. Some people to get it confused and think a mother represents all facets of parenting sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't but we will definitely touch... more

Does monitary assistance alone make you a father? What is the role of a father and what constitutes being a one. Let's chop it up tonight in The Menu

What's on your mind people?? The Menu wants to know. Wednesday's show is strictly dedicated to all the BS we endure and don't get to talk about because some may think it's too frivolous or they're just too busy with their own pile of... more

Is foreplay played out? Is Intimacy more than sex? What makes sex ...sexy! Let us indulge in delicious lip licking convo, on The Menu.

We have all seen or heard about it more than once or twice on the news, but workplace violence and bullying is a issue that's all too real but no one really wants to discuss it until something happens. Please join us this Wednesday... more